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It’s never too early to teach your kids how to get thrown out of an establishment with STYLE

Note: I have never closed comments on a post before, but depending on how this post is received today, I may have to. I was “asked to leave” a restaurant that will remain unnamed. I’m not even angry that they asked me to leave because I know it was asked out of respect for the [...]

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Balancing the teeter-totter of my life

I have taken on a lot these past weeks. I guess I had it in my head that after the move things would settle down and I would find my equalibrium.  Oh yeah. I would find it, I would hold it close, I would OWN it. The little jerk is still hiding. Or maybe I [...]

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And someone out there picked me to be a Race and Ethnicity Channel Editor. *snort*

There is nothing quite so awesome as getting into a heated rant when the only person who’ll listen is more than willing to say, “Don’t you think you’re being just a LITTLE crazy stupid over-sensitive about this?” Especially when that person is your spouse. You promised to love, honor and agree with me in all [...]

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Ford asked What Women Want and apparently it’s to look HOT and wear beautiful jewelry. Well. DUH.

I totally went to BlogHer….and I had a tremendous time….and thanks to some wicked fabulous companies, I got to enjoy my trip just THAT much more. Not anything that would make or break my trip, but things that made it easier to go….things that made me feel prettier and more self-confident walking into a sea [...]

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