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Introducing Dr. Crazy

The girls got their hair cut today. Tomorrow’s picture day at school…sort of a big deal. One that Peyton will miss. Again. I can’t even tell you how much that sucks. Instead, we’ll be going for an eye exam with an ophthalmologist. Peyton has eye problems? You might ask. No. Peyton has headaches. She has [...]

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There are times I have to switch my hats so fast it gives me whiplash. Just hours into my time in North Carolina at the Type-A Mom Conference, I got a call that shook me to my core. A call that left me crying in the bathroom. A call with news that made my heart [...]

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Hasbro’s National Family Game Night!

I’ve talked about how important our game nights are in the Mayhew house.  Whether we’re gathered around the Wii or trying to find enough pieces to make the Mousetrap game work….the games nights are together time….time that we laugh and joke and enjoy each other’s company. REAL enjoyment. We got the chance to try out [...]

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Rambling is an art, right?

Back in the day I used to blog on what could be considered a semi-regular basis. It’s not that I don’t have things to tell you, it’s that I am WICKED loaded down with stuff I have to do. Like? Figure out why my dryer suddenly decided to stop heating up. Convince my kittehs to [...]

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I have a story to tell

“I have a story to tell.” Those were her words.  She’s fourteen years old.  There should be no story to tell.  Her life should be Gossip Girl and first boyfriends, shopping trips and late night giggles. She shouldn’t have a story to tell yet. But Mary does. She has a story about cancer.  Having cancer [...]

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How did I get here?

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Anaheim, CA. And I wonder how I got here. I mean, I know how I GOT here…a plane and all that stuff…but I can’t quite figure out how I got HERE. From living in the bubble of our cancer life to sitting in a room 2000 miles [...]

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Winner Announced for The HP Photo Smart Premium printer!

The #38 Comment was from Beth at Copasetic Beth! Congrats to Beth and thank you to everyone who participated.

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HP Photo Smart Premium Printer Twitter Party!

As you know from the contest I’ve been lucky enough to offer you guys, HP has made a new printer that actually flies. It also does dishes. AND? It’s an a fantastic diet aid.  Guaranteed to drop 20 lbs in the first 20 print jobs. The HP Photo Smart Premium? Best. Printer. EVER!!! Oh. What [...]

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Here’s to many more Septembers with Peyton

September 2003…waiting September 2004…laughing September 2005…enjoying September 2006…enduring September 2007…persevering September 2008…inspiring September 2009…overcoming September 2010….. And what? Will the Leukemia stay gone? Will it come back? That’s LIFE with cancer.  You can NOT have the disease. I think it’s impossible to NOT have the fear.  The scars are forever. The future is always hopeful, [...]

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