Rambling is an art, right?

Back in the day I used to blog on what could be considered a semi-regular basis.

It’s not that I don’t have things to tell you, it’s that I am WICKED loaded down with stuff I have to do.


Figure out why my dryer suddenly decided to stop heating up.

Convince my kittehs to stop trying to kill each other…or least to do it in an area where the cleanup will be minimal…KEEP IT ON THE TILE!

Unpack from my trip to California last week to see these incredible ladies…which I will totally write about when my computer comes back from the Apple Genius Bar {IN 10 days *weeeeeeeps*} and I can download the pictures from my camera because my laptop apparently HATES Phoenix…so that I can repack for my trip THIS week.

Did you  get that? TRIP THIS WEEK. I’m heading to the Type-A Mom Conference in North Carolina…where they’re letting me…hold on to yourself…SPEAK. To people. About stuff. ON PURPOSE. Yeah.

And? Planning two big upcoming events for Aiming Low….big events…things that take more concentration and organization than I possess, so thankfully I have an awesome team of people who are full of smart and sweat Google docs. I can’t wait to make the announcement but for now I’m just teasing taunting alluding to future awesomeness.

Did I mention that my mother and my niece both had knee surgery this week? I worry about them.  Plus, it makes me a little glad to be adopted, I don’t have the bad knees genes.

Also? Taking on blogging on behalf of the Afflac Cancer Center at Children’s Hospital of ATL, which is our new hospital.  That’s both awesome and amazing for me to be given this chance to give back.

Oh, BTW? Mary got her laptop on Friday.  She’s a tremendous young lady and my fave ladies and I are working to help her get her new blog up off the ground.

I also know I have a LOT of friends who are wine drinkers. I won’t point you out by name *cough*SUSAN*cough* but I hope that everyone is buying some ONEHOPE Wine in honor of Childhood Cancer Month.  Use Code CCA and you get 10% off your purchase and 20% goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


For charity.

I’m making this as easy as I can here, people!

{Also, I have no way of knowing who is actually buying the wine, so please drop me a comment if you do, I want to THANK YOU!!!}

So, you’ll have to bear with me through this incredible busy time….and be patient, I promise to get back to actual writing some day.



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