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Wax on, my friends, wax on

I am very honest with myself regarding my strengths and weaknesses. Fitting into jeans: Weakness Yelling at stupid people: Strength Saying no to those last ten Jelly Bellies: Weakness Staying up way too late on Skype with my west coast buddies: Strength Cleaning out the litter box with joy in my heart: Weakness and now? [...]

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Sweet Victory

My son is eleven. He has been kicking my butt in games for about, oh, ten years now. He’s THAT good. You name the game and he’s schooled me on it. HOWEVER!!! I have finally found the game that I can win. Yes. I am bragging because I can finally defeat my child in something. [...]

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Only The Best…Nothing Else Will Do

In the days before Peter took the job that brought us to Georgia, we drove north to check out the hospital. We couldn’t even consider moving until we felt safe in our choice that SHOULD we need a hospital for treatment again, Peyton would have the best options available. We got a grand tour of [...]

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As if you have better things to do!

Parties used to be fun because all it took was a keg, a few bags of chips and the right people to have a good time. The beer may be better quality and we may have traded in the chips for real food, but it’s still about having the right people to have a good [...]

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Free: Adjective or Verb?

There’s been the occasional question of what “Free Anissa” is supposed to mean.  As I can tend to blather on until someone no longer cares, I try to keep it fairly brief in explanation…Twitter blockage, end of cancer, a new focus, blah blah blah. But, I clearly had great expectations for this new blog…it was [...]

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Did you know golf cart paths are really quite wide?

Thelma and Louise. Smokey and the Bandit. Easy Rider. Great examples of the roadtrip movie. I have one too! Starring Heather from the Spohrs Are Multiplying, Angie from A Whole Lot of Nothing and Janet from IzzyMom…Aiming Low at it’s finest. There aren’t any hallucinogenic drugs.  We didn’t get chased by cops.  Nope.  We failed [...]

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Nothing but brain

I realize that I sort of left everyone hanging with the news of more tests for Peyton. I am a bad bad person.  Sorry about that. But it’s been hard to talk about where this round of tests leave me emotionally. Peyton had her opthamologist appointment last week….we were at the hospital for hours, testing [...]

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