I could have been napping

So, I wrote this whole post about the horrors Peter put me through this weekend.

Seriously.  Home Depot…rakes…sweat…it was like the trifecta of hell.

But, some great things came out of it.

And by “great things”, I mean other than the spectacular AWESOME that is an arm cramp.  Cause, if you haven’t had one? Try it. They’re truly special.  Give them to your friends for Christmas. They’ll thank you for it.

Ok, on to the great things.





It was totally worth it, but if you tell anyone I said THAT I’m going to deny it to the death.

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One Response to I could have been napping

  1. MommaKiss November 9, 2009 at 3:42 PM #

    While I love reading humor, wit and even all things aiming low, I love seeing pics of kids. Of your lil nuggets of joy. Makes me happy.
    And I'll pass on that arm cramp for Christmas. Please send a groin injury instead, because those are spectacular.

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