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have you ever wanted to kill someone? go ahead, you can tell me, i’ll keep your secret

There are some moment that you can see when your life changes. And there are times when you find out that someone forgot to tell you that your life changes. Seriously, you all can forget. Lettuce. The basis of all things leafy and green.  I have craved a Ceaser’s Salad so bad, I swear I [...]

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i told my kid birthday parties ended well…i lied

Someone cried at my 9yo’s birthday party, but she wasn’t 9yo. We had this whole party planned, we would let them cook their own pizzas and decorate their own butterfly cakes.  Everything had been planned the best that it could, toppings and drinks, pans and movies. We didn’t plan that Pete would have to work. [...]

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if i could dance you can bet i’d be doing something innapropriate

You probably heard the news. Unless you lived in a cave, worked under a rock, or ate bran flakes for dessert (which is just inhumane), you probably heard me going crazy with excitement. Early in the morning, I was taken aback when I thought I felt the blanket against my foot…my right foot.  That’s the [...]

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the lido deck…where we find drinks with colorful umbrellas…and Isaac

Just the other night I found an envelope that had never been opened.  I ripped it open, because that’s how I am, and guess what I found. I was the holder of a Disney Cruise ticket dated back in November 2009.  Just hours after I had my strokes.  I feel lucky that I wasn’t on [...]

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i love when things are fluffy and new…

You would think things more important would fill my mind.  I had rehab therapy yesterday that went incredibly well.  I had a talk with my daughter that she’d been trying to hold in.  Lady Gaga music was on Glee! Very important stuff here, people. But it’s compared to the shiny and sparkly all over my [...]

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i could write about pink bunnies and plaid zebras but that makes no sense!!

I’m not afraid to talk about my strokes.  I guess some people would rather not hear all about it, but that’s how I do things. I did it back when I talked about Peyton having cancer.  I told it honestly, openly and didn’t hold much back. I tried not to make it Lifetime-movie-of-the-week, but I [...]

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because who wouldn’t want a coma where you dream of mullets

I had dreams at the hospital. Dreams from my coma time that I still remember well.  Dreams from stages when I was mostly unconscious, but people at my bedside were in those dreams. There were too many dreams to share at once, and they were too hard to explain…the whole Mexican-map-romance-burrito thing for example. But [...]

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my better half…or my better 4/7…anyway, i was promised no math on this test

In the mornings I have learned to get myself out of bed. From there I wheel myself over to find clothes for the day. One arm in, the second arm in, and then I stick my head through….shirt on. One leg in, the second leg struggled but in….and what. The pants are undone and I [...]

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naked hopping, not as exciting as it sounds

I haven’t been inside my shower since November 2009.  Today I sat outside the door and looked in. Shampoo was still in the same place.  So was the razor for shaving your chin (or legs, depending who you are).  Ready for use was the bath soap, the adult kind, not the kid’s. No one would [...]

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the one where i post a little about the difference between pretty and beautiful

Today I sent my child to school in a cheerleader uniform. It was tan and green and had forest green spanky pants. It wasn’t an outfit for school, most would think. It was a get-up only a kindergartner could love. She felt beautiful. In a few years she’ll be too old and “mature” to wear [...]

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wheelchairs are the new black, you gotta try it

Since I’ve been in a wheelchair, I have all kinds of new ideas. Like…do you remember Jimmy Stewert in the Hitchcock flick Rear Window? Who knows, maybe the neighbor is out to kill me.  Maybe the neighbor’s DOG is really the murderer. Like…do you ever think of the character Artie on Glee.  The one that [...]

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the smallest bits, they make the largest parts sometimes

Some days I have to find to find a way to grow hope. It can be the fingers moving the smallest bit in this video…it can also be remembering how to make the video. Take your pick. my hand action from Anissa Mayhew on Vimeo.

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stubborn is a good thing…no, really, it is…IT IS!!

Rumor has it that I’m stubborn. My parents will verify it. My friends will testify to it. Because he loves me, me husband denies knowing anything about it. He’s smart, that one. I used to be stubborn in work, and definitely in play. Then I had two strokes.  And I was in a coma.  And [...]

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