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i’m having a party. the pity variety that comes with choice of whine

“Can I?” A phrase the people that know me best are sick of hearing. They tell me not to ask for permission, they’re not used to it. Just a few month ago I had a whole different existence.  I didn’t have choices to make.  I was lucky to be alive and they let me know [...]

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my house, the best way to not find a way outside…like, ever

There is this place in my house that will give me a great view. I can see incoming traffic and the cute lawn guys. Every day I get the best look at the new plants by my driveway and the kids riding their bikes back and forth. Then the weather will get hot.  Kids will [...]

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i sometimes get excited by silly things like unicorns and tax returns

Every day is something new.  A reason to be excited. Whether I’m able to move my leg a little more, or see some progress in my face…there is always something. And a part of me is worried.  About the friends that will see me like this for the first time this summer.  The ones that [...]

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oh! the joy of motherhood…it takes a lot of SOMETHING

I woke to the smell of cooking eggs and muffins. “Don’t look, mama!!” is screamed at me. Plates made of goofy writing and coffee cups with smiling pictures adhered carefully are as good as gift of gold. The sun shines down on gleaming smiles and freshly scrubbed faces. “He’s touching me!” “She used my blue [...]

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i had this post about how i do things, but i don’t really do THINGS often

You will wake up. You will stare at the wall. You will wonder how this day could possibly be any different from the day before. You find your wheelchair. You get up. You do your exercises and stretches. You spend too long doing too little work. You nap. You play with your kids. You laugh [...]

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having a personal set of disney dolls might not be down-the-well, putting-the-lotion-on-its-skin creepy, but still

I visited my old therapists.  These were the ones I had last before I was able to go home. Belle, Cinderella and Jasmine. That’s what we called them and that’s what they’ll stay. These three ladies taught me enough so that I could go home.  They gave me what I needed to be able to [...]

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things that stink about having a stroke, really REALLY stink

Back before I had the stroke, I was a very busy blogger. I always had someone to meet, a company to rep, a product to try. Dude, I was busy. I also wrote my blog that I loved, I wrote the blog that I dreamed about (and it came true),  and these were just a [...]

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Learning how to use the old toys…with lots of buttons, which are GREAT for one-armed people

The softest smile you can find. A bowl-full of craziness! Ummm…….no flash photography please. My camera. Learning something that I used to love….somehow I will be able to love it again.

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kids are my reason for working harder, they are also the reason i had to go to AA

People will ask what my motivation was for getting better. I wanted to get out of the hospital for sure. Walking again has always been something I tried to do. But mostly, the number one thing has always been my kids. The kids that make me laugh. The kids that make me try one more [...]

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