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i got a new talent and it doesn’t involve cherry stems and knots

I was surprised when my whiny (YES, WHINY) post encouraged non-commenters to comment.  I don’t even know how to tell you that I wasn’t expecting people to actually come out of the woodwork to be REALLY kind and say lovely, squishy things that kept me going on a day when I just wanted to roll [...]

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just when you think your day is bad…

I was really considering ditching the whole blog thing.  Reading comment after comment from readers meant so much to me and it stood good chances of changing my mind. I won’t lie, I felt like a bit of a crybaby for all the complaining I did.  It’s ok, you can say it.  I did.  Someone [...]

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do people comment because they have things to say or they feel they have to?

There has been a strange sense of wondering if I should be telling this part of my story. What’s healing for me and therapeutic in telling may not be what most want to read.  Granted, some understand and some get what is going on in my head.  But I wonder how many are really tired [...]

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the boy that’s about to be a man but still thinks rent should be free

I have a son that is one of the coolest kids around. He’s a boy that’s going to become an amazing man someday. Now, he’s lazy at taking out the trash, he only remembers the cat liter when an adult reminds him, he can be terribly careless when it comes to homework. But he loves [...]

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some places are full of sparkles and unicorns…this is full of sweat and tears

Today I entered a place of work. It’s one of those places most will be lucky to never see.  In fact, you may pass a place like it every day and you don’t even know it.  Because it can be quiet and unexpected, most people would never guess that its the kind of place where [...]

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when did my life become a Lifetime movie starring Valerie Bertonelli?

I read a few of the blog posts I’d written.  They were brutally honest and truthful.  When I tell about handicap and disability my words are always real and to-the-point. Unfortunately, it’s as depressing as hell. I was reading about our life with it’s falls, it’s emotional up-and-down, my moods. I felt sorry for us!! [...]

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i used to wish my husband was an Elvis impersonator, now i wish he drove a bus (although, sometimes i still wish for the impersonator)

Days go by. I don’t leave the house like I should. I’m hiding inside my walls. I force myself to go out.  I’m always thankful for it.  In fact, I feel better and I get more accomplished and I want to DO more.  More than I have the last few days. When all I want [...]

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i want to be a wuss, but i have a reason that most people don’t

“Is there anything wrong, mama?” My six-year-old will ask while she lays her head of soft brown locks on my chest.  She wraps her little arms as far as they will go to offer comfort on those days when I feel less than whole.  Maybe no one knows the way she does…not even her yet. [...]

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i used to be good at holidays and stuff, now it’s just a day to suck….with cards

The kids asked dad what he wanted for Father’s Day.  He, very honestly, said nothing. He wanted to relax, chill out, do the things that guys like to do. The kids wanted him to do all his normal dad chores. They didn’t understand each others definition of nothing. It’s hard not to sympathize with both [...]

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nothing says summer like a blow-up, too-short, backyard pool

We got a pool for the kids to enjoy. Something they could enjoy that would be cool and comfy and chase the worst of the summer heat away. A pool!  YAY!!! That the kids can’t get in! YAY!! Well, that wasn’t very smart, was it? I can never be their supervising ADULT with the pool [...]

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something i hope doesn’t happen again for a very long time

Last night I fell down. The first time in forever, I wiped out. And I laid on the floor with no way of getting up, feeling helpless and pretty stupid. Now, there was no reason for me to feel foolish.  My weaker leg pulled up last minute and it caused me to get off balance [...]

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there has to be an easier way, of course i won’t be allowed to take it, but it’s easier

Someone asked a question and I answered, then I wondered how many others had similar thoughts. The person asked me how I got my thoughts to blog, and if I used a voice-recognition software. I wish. Part of me does wish.  It would be nice to have software that makes it easy and fast and [...]

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we respect doctors because they’re terribly smart and have cool toys

The doctor once told my family that they should kiss me and say goodbye. HEH. My Arm Moves from Anissa Mayhew on Vimeo. ps…good grief, that boob is HUGE!

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