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I cried tonight. My girls circled me with concern because they aren’t used to Mommy’s tears. My husband was more worried because he was. I’d been using a balance ball to exercise.  With Peter helping me by giving me directions. Things to do to stretch my muscles.  Ways to move the unmovable. Suddenly, it felt [...]

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being troll-eriffic

I told people at my panel that I had a fool-proof method for dealing with trolls. It’s called the “Delete” button. It works every time. Until you’re in a wheelchair and can’t get to your computer in a decent amount of time. And a troll sits there. And you have to deal with it. And [...]

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it all starts with a nice letter

This past weekend I was charged up by what I felt was a MISSION. So, I wrote a letter and made some phone calls.  In the near future I’m going to ask you all to take a minute and a stamp and get involved. I wrote this to APPLE today:  (This letter SUCKED to write!!)(I [...]

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this is the morning after

I made it back. In one piece. After laughing more in one weekend than I have in a long time. (Like, so hard that I had to go to the bathroom more regularly.) After an opportunity to meet new friends and see faces that made me smile in familiarity. After talking about my strokes again, [...]

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i’m not wearing jammies…really….i’m not

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on the road again

I’m getting ready to leave for a first. It’s not really a first, but it’s a first-since-I-had-a-stroke. I’m getting ready to go away. Gone for the weekend. Without my kids. Or my husband. This will be the first time since November that I’ve gone on a trip for me without my spouse. It feels a [...]

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who’s pouring?

I’m doing something that is either a piece of cake or you’d rather have bamboo shoved under your nails. I’m trying to install WordPress by myself. This might seem like nothing, but I used to do it at the drop of a hat. Like actually install it. Not just push the “Install WordPress” button. Because [...]

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getting the smiles

Some days I get to take pictures like I did back in the old days. I get to capture the smiles on my kids’ face. Thank you, Susan.  That’s all I can even say.

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the power of jealousy

This might come out the wrong way, and I’ll try to make you understand. I’m jealous of my friends. I have these friends that started something new and I’m totally eaten alive with jealousy. I’m not jealous of their success. They so deserve it. I’m not jealous of their accomplishments.  There are none smarter, they [...]

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when your babies aren’t babies anymore

“I had a bad dream.” He admits while curling into a ball with his head in my lap. I know this has to be hard (I asked permission to even tell you about it) to confess his nightmares. “You want to talk about it?” At almost thirteen he lives on that edge between wanting to [...]

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a blog’s tale

Last night I discovered something fascinating about myself. I’m not smart enough to use the Internet. No!!! I’m serious. When things are going smoothly, I do great. When things go BREAKITY, I am like a monkey pounding on a piano. I’ve got about the same chance of accidentally playing Mozart. I got a virus on [...]

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sometimes it’s what i need to do

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, THOSE days. The ones where nothing seems right and everything has a side of wrong with it. I went through countless mini-travel-size packages of Kleenex Ok.  You can count them. I went through six. SIX! I made with the feeling sorry for myself. I made it hard. [...]

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it’s not a dream

Recently, I was searching for a document. It meant I had to look through stuff on the computer from before the strokes. I read the way I joked with the gang. I saw proof that I handled several large irons in my fire. People chose me to lead the way (even when I had no [...]

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