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plague lives here

You wanna come to my house? The house of PLAGUE? One has the sniffles, one has strep throat, and I am still trying to cough up something that’s roughly the size of New Jersey. TMI? Too bad. My blog. My misery. You want sunshine and bunnies, go somewhere else. It’s noon and I think I [...]

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i like mine parted on the side (braids)

For the most part, there’s been a separation of this blog and the one I founded and helped to build called Aiming Low. For the people that have read it there has been a different tone than here. There was humor and giggles at the most serious subjects. It was always important that people understand [...]

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we have the sick

I live in the house of plague. I have been through the worst cold ever. My nose was throbbing. I felt dizzy. My throat had two spots that ached each time I thought about swallowing. I learned how drunk Nyquil could make you. (A lot, in case you were wondering.) I was torn between thinking [...]

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ability – capacity or power to act

Abilities. Measuring what the limits are. I have thought about what I’m really able to do. Can I do all the things I used to do? Yes.  It just takes me longer and, to be honest, sometimes the result is crap. Is knowing my own limitations something I’ve had to come to grip with? Yes.  [...]

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#140Conf in Detroit – Telling the whole story

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another chapter, but never instructional

I have always tried things I wasn’t necessarily sure would work. You may feel free to read the post before this if you need proof.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait. A couple of weeks ago I felt something different in my right foot. It wasn’t a good feeling.  It wasn’t a bad feeling.  It was a [...]

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plans to make things useless

Back when I was in the hospital I had an occupational therapist named Nicole. Nicole taped me up, she electrocuted me, gave me tests made I’m pretty sure were meant for llamas. She also taught me to dress myself with one hand. She was instrumental in teaching me it was ok to laugh again. Recently, [...]

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suck with a capital S

I have this whole post to tell you about the #140 conference, Detroit, the fiasco at the airport yesterday. But, frankly, I didn’t write that much when I had two working hand. So, we’ll go with one. It all started when we got lost in downtown Detrot on our way to the airport.  I called [...]

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thing you aren’t supposed to do in a wheelchair

It was our first time in the airport together. Amanda and I had a little time to kill (since I wasn’t a terrorist this time) and we headed for coffee. We always have a little tussle when it comes to paying for coffee. My turn.  Her turn.  My turn.  Her turn. MY TRIP = MY [...]

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