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thanksgiving never had more meaning

I’m sitting here in the quiet for the first time in days. Our trip to Florida was eye-opening. We found out that it was possible to miss people when they were five inches away. We also found that when you told your kids to go, they WENT! But they didn’t take toothbrushes. We did miss [...]

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party time!

We are having a party! Since it isn’t as easy for me to go see people, we hope that people will come see us. Where: 3907 Turkey Oak Dr. Brandon, FL (Riverhills subdivision guesthouse) When: Sunday 21 4-8pm Who: Anyone that can make it! What to bring: Food or Drinks if you can (if not, [...]

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the secret to our marriage

Every day I would wait until he came and saw me. Hospital.  Nursing home.  Rehab hospital. I would wait to hear his voice. I could hang on all day while I waited for his hug. He would bring my only reason to smile sometimes. Maybe it was the kids. Maybe it was a joke. He [...]

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a year ago today…

A year ago today I went shopping. A year ago today I ate lunch. A year ago today I felt my legs way. A year ago today I watched the sky go by out the window of an ambulence. A year ago today I wondered if I’d ever see my children again. A year ago [...]

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i used the “i” word

Today I had the chance to brag about my kids. Oh, they make me slightly crazy.  Because of the wheelchair, I can’t hide from them anymore. There are days when I’m counting down the seconds minutes days until I can have that mojito. Then there are days when I tell someone truthfully there are no [...]

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going home

There are times I look at the pictures that are all over our walls. Laughs in the grass. Smiles at the park. Moments on the beach. A part of me wishes for those days. Those hugs. These unconditional friendships. Those comforting familiarities. We have a trip coming up. In less than a week we’ll be [...]

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We had a big day around here. You might be able to tell from the expression that there was excitement in the air. Then the real fun started. There was water. There was PINK! Lordy, was there ever pink! And then there was the end of Peyton’s face as we knew it.  All we would [...]

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time well spent

Today we tried something new. It was a day of clenched nerves and deep apprehension. I was going to get in the pool at our local YMCA, something I’d practiced for a long time ago. Time and kids got in the way, we never felt the time was right. A few months ago my right [...]

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what matters

I’ve been off my normal schedule this week. I went to a celebration of women in social media. I had injections of Phenol in my leg. I had an unusual amount of work to complete. I did more than my average amount of exercise. I bent over backwards to hear my kids laugh.  “Driving them [...]

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i sound like a freaking Gatorade commercial

I got the news I was anticipating and dreading. My times at rehab for OT and Speech have come to an end. It’s not that I won’t have a lot of work.  It’s that right now they’ve taught me all the exercises they can. They’ve showed me all the tricks it’s safe to teach me. [...]

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alone to cry

Laying facedown on the gurney. Carefully draped so the doctor could work with my hamstring. Poke. Poke. Poke. She touches where she’s going to put the medicine. I try to relax. I know it’s going to hurt. A lot. The nurse rubs my shoulder. That’s never a good sign. The Botox we used last time [...]

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like mother, like daughter

“There’s a girl in my class that already knows how to write her name in cursive.” A simple statement made by a six-year-old to her mommy. It filled me with a healthy dose of self-doubt. “Would you like to know how to write your name?” I asked because I could feel that it was what [...]

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nothing but air

I went to therapy on Thursday. I guess I have that “try anything” look, cause B tried almost EVERYTHING. If she thought there was a chance I could do it, we tried. Using a special leg brace that gives me extra straightening strength in my right leg, I did what she told me to try. [...]

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