that other site I write at

I recently started writing again at a site I love.

Funny. Light heated. Sassy.

Things I wasn’t sure I could be every day.

I just told my story.

It wasn’t always funny.

It took a special twist to see the light-hearted side of it.

Sassy. Well, I’ll be really honest that sassy has always been my thing.

But I felt less than confident.

My inability to use a lot of words to get my point across worried me.

Would people be patient?

Would they be kind?

Would they get my somewhat-inappropriate joking about things other find serious?

So far it’s working.

They’re getting it.

They’re laughing whether they should be or not.

I’m so glad to see that it’s not gone yet.

My need to feel laughs in my soul didn’t have to leave with the words.

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