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capturing forever

Before I had the strokes I was always critical my pictures. This one showed my double chins. That one made my smile look weird. Hair askew. Zits wonky. Roll you could see. Then I had my strokes. My pictures are never about my skin, food in my teeth, little imperfections. I capture moments. I remember [...]

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am home again

I’m home. Back from Nashville and the Blissdom conference. It was just fabulous and I wish I had the time to list each every person that made it more amazing than I could have ever anticipated. The roomates that made me crack me up all night. And all day too. The fellow-panelists that make being [...]

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knowing I’m not the only one

A woman had a stroke Her husband handled the kids the best he could. The time went by as the woman was in a coma. People prayed. Hoped. Gave strength. Gave of themselves. Gave what they could. While they wait. It all feels and sounds so familiar. It is Joanne and Tobien Heim’s story. It [...]

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what we’re doing at Blissdom? (hint: no rubber chickens)

I’m packing my bags again (actually on time, this round). I’m headed to Nashville with my friend Robin P. You have yet to be with someone funnier. I brought extra extra panties, just in case. We are going to a conference called Blissdom. I was asked to speak on a panel. In 2009 Blissdom was [...]

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vlog – why i wear tape on my glasses (and where your husband was)

I’m not crooked the whole time. i swear. Don’t ask me why I start that way.

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not all trolls live under bridges

Trolls can hurt any time they take what you say the wrong way. To be honest I have a certain amount of words to use. I CAN’T answer each person the way I’d like. Then to see my friends Catherine and Tanis going through these struggles with CHILDREN, it makes my blood boil. Because I [...]

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where people in wheelchairs are told, “SUCKIT”

It’s not the easiest thing being in a wheelchair but I try not to complain because it’s better than the alternative. Then I go into a place that doesn’t just NOT accommodate handicap people, it seems to be totally unaware of how crappy their setup truly is. Welcome to Mattress Firm To make sure you [...]

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amazon widget, alice bradley (finslippy) and redbook magazine

I’ve been very blessed that what happened with me has been made into something people can care about. There are a lot of people going through this recovery fight and I’ve felt that telling the absolute truth about this is the least I can do to tell part of their story. This post is about [...]

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they started the path

I got interviewed for the magazine Shepherd Hospital publishes. Shepherd Center is the hospital that helped me get home. There outpatient program at Pathways was a huge part of my therapy progress. Yeah, I have a LONG way to go. To getting better. Not to a casket. I’m well enough to be writing my story. [...]

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the weight of the world on my hips

With all the crap I’ve had to deal with THIS feels almost vain. When I’m in a wheelchair full-time and live with only one fully functional side,it seems silly to get crabby about my weight. I should be glad just to be alive. I am I should be happy that I’m with my family and [...]

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Coming home to SNOWpocalypse. FTW.

I’m home. I had to leave San Jose and the fabulous friends there. The weather guy did his best to scare the crap out of us. SNOWPOCALYPSE was coming. It was the end of the universe. So we packed our bags and got on a plane and played let’s-beat-the-snow-to-Atlanta. I won this round. I’m glad [...]

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San Jose – Vlog 1/6/11

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Mom’s Advisory Board – Invisalign

I have been so very lucky in the opportunities coming my way. Not too long ago I was asked if I had a child in the age range that Invisalign was looking for. I did. They asked if we were interested in Nathaniel having these braces as a blogging job. Because of the medical bills [...]

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