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my gal friday

I have searched for ways of making my kids FEEL more together. Part was being able to get someone who could drive and do it when we needed it most. The cost more than our family cutting a few corners. I guess there are those that would judge me for getting what basically comes down [...]

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I’m probably going to write about this a lot. Not to brag. Just because I’m beyond thankful. My family is going on a Disney cruise. It’s being given to us as a gift. That is, and seems, amazing. Every time I’ve had to tell the STORY it starts the same way. You know. The STORY. [...]

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letting tears out

I cried last night. I was reorganizing my closet, there was stuff I needed to move that was out of my reach. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I couldn’t reach a shelf my elementary schoolers could. The frustration just washed over me. There was no making it better by crying. It [...]

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the choices i make

Lately it has seemed that I’m making choices to make others unhappy. True. Decisions I have made have caused some to be less than thrilled. I know that. I had to weigh those choices. My family’s needs won every time. The needs of those who are close to me take priority. It’s not that I [...]

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nobody puts my kids in a corner

Yesterday Peter and I met with a pediatrician who told us that our kids seemed to have a lot of pent up emotions. I’m going to let that one simmer for a second. The kids who have dealt with their mom having a stroke. Then their baby sister going through cancer treatment. After which, mom [...]

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very heavy

I have lackings. Now, I’m not saying that so people will be all complimentary and reassuing. Although, if you want to mention bouncy hair I won’t kick you. But, I do have those moment when I feel the shortcoming. The shoes I can’t wear. The shelves I can’t reach. The jars I can’t open. When [...]

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part of the process

“Where do you work?” It’s a question that still makes me feel a little weird. Probably because I have to explain it to most people. “Well. I do.  From home. I have a blog. A few sites that keep me busy.” I see the look. You play on the Internet. How nice. I have a [...]

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very tiny movements

It’s hard to explain. We’ll see if I can. IMAGINE you’re holding a balloon and, using your imagination, you can see yourself lifting your arm and letting go. Now VIZUALIZE that balloon. VISUALIZE it’s going to make you lift your arm and VISUALIZE letting go of the balloon. It takes a different part of your [...]

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I shall call you my squishy

I have a new look around this blog. Yeah I know. I JUST changed themes. It had a ton of issues and this one makes me feel squishy inside. So while you’re basking in the glory of a new theme you can read my post at She Knows. Then you can head over and read [...]

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reflections in the pool

A a trip to the pool at the YMCA. I sat waiting for a family shower room to open up. The door finally opened. A mother with her daughter exited the room. There was no staring, which was pretty weird as far I was concerned. Until dad came out. In his wheelchair. Both arms working [...]

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things that will get you blocked from my blog

I lost a reader. I may lose a whole bunch of readers. I don’t care. As insensitive and unfeeling as that sounds, I just can’t care. I wrote a post happy about the fact Peyton made it to the Survivor Program in her third year post-treatment. Never forgetting the friends we had that we lost. [...]

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words can be a great thing

Dear Parents of Peyton Mayhew… I can’t tell you how many letters over the years have been news we didn’t want. But this was good. So good. Great. FABULOUS. Now this this only three years out of five until we can use the “cured” with confidence. And nothing is ever guaranteed. But these words made [...]

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I had a birthday

I has a birthday. I turned 15. I figure if I’m going to lie I might as well REALLY LIE. So I turned 37. In all honesty we didn’t know if I’d see 37. We didn’t know if I’d see 36. When I say each birthday’s a blessing, I’m not exaggerating. Happy birthday to me [...]

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