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size matters

My mom asked me a question and I realized you might have wondered at one point or another. I write here. But I also write at Aiming Low. Every now and then I do freelance writing at places like SheKnows, Women On The Fence, and BlogHer.. Some of those articles seem long. Longer than anything [...]

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here’s to trying again

I had my friend J take me to BJ’s last week. *snort* Large quantities of meat were purchased and had to be divided before freezing. So I did what I have learned to do with one hand: Get large freezer baggie Open and flip the top portion inside-out, so it will stay open Fill with [...]

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there’s a house…

There’s a house. In Florida. The first one Peter and I ever owned. The one we brought our babies homes to. Back when we never had a thought to what the future had in store. We had to leave that house to make that future in Georgia. Leaving people we trusted to take care of [...]

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a joke right now seems almost too easy

Just when I get used to things, we switch them up. On purpose, or not, it’s part of teaching myself to relearn the old. Most may not understand. Life in the wheelchair hasn’t been the biggest change. Not having my right side working when I’m ride-side-dominant wasn’t THE transformation. Learning to live without “Lost” was [...]

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my wonder wall

I tell bits and pieces of the story of what happened in the hospital days before I came home. I was staring up the wall. It was all I could see. Wall. With the Christmas tinsel and a slice of the exit. Help me. I could see the people walking past, the ones that hadn’t [...]

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the story of pants

This falls into that WAY TMI category, but I have to tell the tmi for it all to make sense. Sorry. Not sex, Mom. Months ago I asked my therapists a questions I figured they would have a solution for. “When you only have one arm to hold you, how do you pull you pull [...]

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big deal on the internet

I’m a dork. I once tripped on a set of stairs and got a GIGANTIC bruise, but kept going. Did I mention the bruise was ON.MY.FACE. Then there was the time a spider landed on my leg while I was driving. And I drove into the ditch. There was that once that I was wearing [...]

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yes, this

*This is not an ask for money* *Do not start a therapy-pool fund or I’ll be forced to stab myself in the face with marshmallows* *Sharp stuff hurts, yo* *But, I am serious* Peter’s trying to build something. He’s always trying to build something. Or taunting me with the something that he’s going to build [...]

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being uncomfortable

Somebody asked me why I don’t get you-talk-it-types software. I did. I have it, I have Dragon Dictates, top of the line. I jumped through hoops to get it ready. I updated software. When it was all ready to go. it stayed in the box. I recently attended what they call a “seating clinic”. The [...]

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you’d think i’d have something better to say

After I do a fair amount of moaning and wailing about not liking how I feel about myself (which my mom read ANYWAY) I have a really big weekend of STUFF happening. Of course, I do! I got my hair did. I like it. If you don’t, lie to me and tell me you do [...]

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in the mirror

For the love of Joe, Mom, please don’t read one. SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX You were warned. I work as hard as I can. Therapy. Writing. Strengthening. Living. Mothering.  Friending. Being a wife. How to feel like a wife? How to feel pretty when you know you’re not the woman you used to be? How do you feel [...]

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geek is the new cool

I borrowed a quote from Nathaniel today. Not the one they are using to name their new blog. (you have no idea how close it came to “PieMouth”) I could tell you the name but they want to wait til it’s ready. The name?? PERFECT! Go check out the face lift we got over at [...]

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reposted from Hope4Peyton – “Locks of Love, you disappoint me greatly”

This a a post I wrote on my blog Hope4Peyton. It told of my frustration and anger at Locks of Love. I’m still angry with them for letting people believe lies for financial gain. Read it. Share it.  Don’t forget it. (damn, I used a lot of words!) Ok, fasten your seat belts because this [...]

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