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maybe it was the cookie bar

I went to the Mom 2.0 Summit. It was beyond words. I’m choosing to post without pictures because I can’t link to everyone without forgetting someone important. I’ll be very honest (not brag-gy) in telling you that I’ve been to a lot of conferences. I’ve spoken at quite a few. I’ve enjoyed my time at [...]

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this doesn’t hurt you more than it hurts me, but it does hurt pretty bad

This was supposed to be my first post about the Mom 2.0 conference. I was going to tell you about experiences I had, things I saw, moments I got to share. Then I went to see Dr Pain. If you’re new around here, Dr Pain’s name isn’t really PAIN. OH, but it should be. I [...]

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Mom 2.0 – get ready

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The girl at the Ritz-Carlton registration desk said it was because they learned their lessons from New Orleans. There will be several posts regarding this PHENOMENAL conference and the time spent in NOLA. There’s the conference itself, learning and networking, and the exceptional organizers and the eleventy-trabillion flavors [...]

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Disney Dream, part 2

We came. We saw. We ate a lot of chocolate. There was incredible time in the AquaDuck. There were kids’ clubs that left the grown ups alone and we indulged in that one thing every parent can never get enough of. Hot dinner! There was tons of great times on the ship, but it was [...]

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Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes – The Final Post

….and then your head explodes in excitement! Ok, not really, but still very cool! We started with out here and now I get to finish the Blog Hop. Very circular. Envy can staaaaaaaaart NOW. Invisalign is proud to sponsor the Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes, hosted by the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board (MAB) bloggers. [...]

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our Disney Dream, part 1

The day I had the strokes I had been shopping,  For a media cruise. On a Disney cruise. It was the last thing I remember. So I was thinking about a family trip. Something to celebrate the fact that our family was no longer dealing with cancer treatment, making it through therapy and still together [...]

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my “traveling pants” are yoga pants

I’m finally home. I have posts to write and stories to tell and adventure to share, but for now it’s just good to be home. I will tell you all about this and evething that put smiles on their faces. Mickey Mouse (more picture on Flickr). the epic sunburn, and life with no cell phones [...]

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Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes

I have been very happy to be part of the Mom’s Advisory Board for Invisalign. Nathaniel got free braces so we could genuinely talk about the process and let you in on watching the progress. It’s been a learning experience for us, comparing his experience wit my traditional one just a few years ago. And [...]

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leaving on jet plane (and a chance to win a Blackberry Playbook)

I should be packing right now. Getting ready for our trip. Probably not sitting in my underwear in front of of the computer. But, here I am. With a list of things to pack. Kids that want to crawl the walls in excitement. Fear that I’ll forget something or leave something undone. But this awaits… [...]

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lullabies for Getty

Sorry, your browser does not support iframes. What if it were YOUR child? A family member’s. A friend’s. Go yo ITunes. Buy to help a little one like Getty. Buy to help a child like my friend Conner. Buy because your child doesn’t have SMA.

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the “what if” game

The “What If” game. I play it. What if I won the powerball? What if I could fly? What if humanity was destroyed and the world depended on Hugh Jackman and me to repopulate. It could happen. And then I had kids. What if the car hung off a bridge and I could only get [...]

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