talks with Dr Weight and tips that work for us

Dr. Weight called.

The doctor’s who’s job it was to discuss any long-term body issues like bone density, growth or WEIGHT.

We talked long and hard about what Peyton took from that conversation. We discussed how hard it is to make sure survivors are getting the care and SURVEILLANCE they need. We went over how important it was to remember that every child is impressionable, the last thing we need is to go from cancer to an eating disorder.

Things I told Dr Weight I’m not responsible for (arguments she made, very valid, but not my responsibility):

  • No Show Parents – it’s unfortunate that so many parents won’t follow-up with long term care. But if THIS is what their child takes away from the clinic, I’m not shocked.
  • kids’ best interest – the parents that won’t be involved in long-term follow-up, are probably the parents that are least likely to take your advice to heart.
  • long-term survivors have a tendency towards weight problem – Instead of bmi issues due to weight being HIGH, maybe height is LOW. It is possible that if there IS a weight issue, it could be related to the growth or thyroid issues they said we common.
  • telling you she called – well, she did call. I got the feeling she called because I complained loud loud enough and to anyone who would listen.  I don’t know if they’ll make important changes to what is disclosed in front of kids, but they can’t say they weren’t told.

I suggested ways she can be REALISTIC in her expectations:

  • TV – we have an agreement, the kids can watch whatever they want for however long they want to watch it. BUT. During commercials, before and after the show they have to get on the exercise bike, jump rope, or hula hoop. Picker of the show, gets pick of exercise.
  • Computer – For every half-hour of outside time (it’s freaking hot!) they get a poker chip good foe fifteen minutes of computer time.  I have the world’s COOLEST timer that I’ll show you.
  • Fruits/veggies – another way to earn “computer poker chips” is a fruit/veggie snack every day for a week instead of snack-SNACK

I definitely don’t have all the all the answers.

I know what works for MY kids.

But maybe they’ll help for yours too.

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11 Responses to talks with Dr Weight and tips that work for us

  1. Lisa June 12, 2011 at 11:17 PM #

    The school nurse told my daughter – also nine at the time – “you are the heaviest girl so far today”. (This was when all kids were weighed at school and the weight recorded on their report card. Yeah, that worked to overcome obesity!) When I called her on it, she was genuinely surprised that it bothered my girl, because she saw her as fit and healthy – just heavy for her age. I will tell you those words have NEVER left my daughter’s head. She is nw 31 and still remembers for the first time feeling like there was something wrong with her and the way she looked. At nine. Why oh why can we not teach that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, that what your body can DO is so much more important than what you weigh?

    Good for you sticking up for your beautiful girl. She just needs to know the important thing- her body was strong enough to beat cancer… Who CARES what she weighs?

    • Rachel June 14, 2011 at 11:13 PM #

      Please tell your daughter that I feel for her. I’m 30, but I STILL REMEMBER being in 6th grade and weighing 103. That was 25 lbs more than 90 percent of the girls in my class. I dreaded the first day of school and the first day of camp ALL YEAR simply because we got weighed.

  2. Laura June 12, 2011 at 3:05 PM #

    That doctor was a real jack-hole and I’m glad you had a real conversation with them.
    I LOVE the poker chip idea. And the commercial workouts…LOVE!
    You, madam, are a flipping genius!

    Laura´s last post…Mamavation Monday

  3. Li-ling June 10, 2011 at 5:07 PM #

    I’m glad that you managed to talk to the Dr about the very callous, insensitive manner the discussion about weight went. I know that 9 can be such an impressionable age, i wonder though, how possible is it, to instil or perhaps plant seeds of ‘it really doesn’t matter what people think’ for Peyton. I’m navigating the Western culture from a very different perspective, and my girl is only 5 atm, so apologies if completely out of context.

  4. Penbleth June 10, 2011 at 2:49 PM #

    I must admit to being surprised the doctor called you. Surprised and impressed, with you. Well done for letting her know the damage she had done and having the grace to speak with her about how this could be averted in the future. It is time we stood up to doctors sometimes, they might know the strict medical stuff but they aren’t always that good at dealing with the personal or treating patients and parents as intelligent people.

    Penbleth´s last post…Simply Friday

  5. kyooty June 10, 2011 at 2:16 PM #

    Loving the veggie/fruit snacky idea. AWESOME
    I think the call was more about PR and damage control, it wont correct the communication that Peyton got in her head when she heard “I’m fat” . Once it’s said? you can’t take it back, you can maybe apologize or explain but it’s still out there floating around. I had a GM that liked to say “……… is getting fat” and giggle. I didn’t forget it.
    You can’t control everyone else’s kids only your own until they are old enough to control their own selves. While you are putting the food available great, but that’s not how every family works. Maybe having Doctors focus on the person in front of them vs the general advice.

    kyooty´s last post…Sometimes They are Working Together

  6. Melissa June 10, 2011 at 9:19 AM #

    Show me that timer! Love your methods of TV and PC time…excellent ideas.

    Melissa´s last post…Run Run Run

  7. Kristin June 9, 2011 at 6:35 PM #

    I am really glad the doctor called and I just hope she actually listened and took what you said to heart.

    Kristin´s last post…Hump Day Spin Around

  8. talks with Dr Weight and tips that work for us

  9. meghann @ midgetinvasion June 9, 2011 at 3:37 PM #

    I hope the dr. took what you said to heart. Kids can be so impressionable!

    I like the poker chip system, and now I want to see this “World’s coolest timer”.

    meghann @ midgetinvasion´s last post…A Day in the Life of our Cats

  10. I WROTE THIS: talks with Dr Weight and tips that work for us –

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