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what they will be

Here I can be very serious, raw and truthful about recovery. At Aiming Low I get to revel in the funny that makes some people cringe. A new site we latched is a site of the absurd. On places like Twitter, Facebook  and Google+ I am pretty much what you’d think I’m like. I am [...]

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how you help Felicity and her family

For every person that would love to help Felicity (the 4yo brain tumor patient) and her family, here’s another way you can donate. If you want to donate you can use the widget below, the money will be deposited into MY paypal and I will get the Winthrow family via Visa Gift Card. If anyone [...]

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Dear @BlogHer attendees & non-attendees

Dear people going to BlogHer, NOT going to BlogHer or wondering “WTH is BlogHer?”, Last year, Peter and I got on a plane and flew to NY to be at my first event post-strokes. NY was loud, it smelled funky and being able to be there was glorious. Being anywhere was glorious. Since that time [...]

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how to be a “pusher”

I‘ve had a few friends become “pushers”. Not so much drug pushers, but wheelchair pushers. Although, drug pushers can make birthday parties more fun! In the months gone by, I’ve seen people grow more aware of what people in wheelchair are dealing with every day. A store where the aisles are too narrow. Sidewalks with [...]

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chocolate high and washing our hands

We arent having fun. It pretty much blows. We saw some family, And some best friends, And made Dad’s brain explode into a million shiny pieces, SAW PRINCESS KATE, Washed our hands, And had the two things that make vacation VACATION. We’ll go home soon. Around Novemer 2013.

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vacation without daddy

Im in Florida. On vacation. I’m not having any deeper thoughts than I absolurely HAVE to. I have one that is enjoying the pool and water. I have one enjoying a social calendar. I have one who hit some puberty warp speed at the state line that made hirm suddeny taller and gave him a [...]

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so much for concerts

A few days ago one of the kids screamed in laughter RIGHT IN MY EAR. There was no thought about it. Not from them. Not from me. But right after I could tell the hearing my good ear had changed. Back story: I have partial deafness in my right ear from the stroke. I’m left [...]

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profound moments at sam’s

I had a bit of a breakthrough. It was at Sam’s, of all places. It gave me this Helen Keller in the midst of 42-gallon tubs of peanut butter feeling. It was very profound. Being in a wheelchair puts you at a constant height where you see and experience all sorts of things. (Let’s just [...]

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Happy Birthday to @SueBob!

I can’t begin to tell you all the times @SueBob emailed or DM’d me when I didn’t ask for help but SHE WANTED TO. This woman is funnier and more awesome than I can imagine a drunk Guatemalan midget could be. My life is better for Suebob choosing me to be one of her friends. [...]

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what we can do together

In the past I’ve had the chance to help families as a blogger and get involved with efforts to benefit pediatric cancer families. Then a moment comes along that both meet in one and I KNOW these sites aren’t just proof of narcissism gone wild! Are you familiar with Love Drop? Love Drop is a [...]

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