what we can do together

In the past I’ve had the chance to help families as a blogger and get involved with efforts to benefit pediatric cancer families.

Then a moment comes along that both meet in one and I KNOW these sites aren’t just proof of narcissism gone wild!

Are you familiar with Love Drop?

Love Drop is a micro-giving charity that focus’s on a different family with a different need every month.

They give that LD family of the month some help to deal with whatever crises they are facing.

Not too long ago my friends Britt and Jared gave up their home, moved into a RV with their kids and went on a nationwide trek for over a year.  They donated their car to Love Drop and filled a family’s need.

I got an email from Love Drop that said their next family was an Atlanta family named Jon and Amanda Withrow, two small kids and mother pregnant with the third.


Would I help?

I wanted to slap someone for thinking I even had the thought of saying “NO“.

I’m really going to ask you to donate for this family.

If you have ever seen what cancer does to a anyone, but especially A CHILD…you’ll give at least $5, $10, $10,0000.


From the Love Drop site

•  Give $25 towards medical bills <– Click this link to contribute $25 towards Felicity’s radiation treatments. It’ll help them out a ton!

•  Give a gift or service – Gift cards are always helpful. Places like Target, Wal-mart, restaurants, etc would definitely help them out. Services too – especially those you can offer yourselves, or from your company.

• Prayers and special gifts – Amanda meets so many hurting kids at the hospital, and she would love for members of Love Drop to send some prayers their way. If possible, we’d also love to surprise her with a bedroom suite and/or a king-size bed!

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