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in case you were gift-buying

Having a vision problem and only one hand to use, my love of books was something I had to let go of. When I say “love of books” I mean that I used to have five kids and sold two to get the newest release I was waiting on. These three are just glad the [...]

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taking new pictures

I had new headshot taken! By my friend Heather. They’re really great, she did a fantistic job! But it was hard. Where pictures used to be easy and simple, it’s more complicated now. EYES -  the glare on glasses was irritating enough, but the double-vision-not-quite-focusing-look-over-here-AND-over-there thing was hard too. WHEELCHAIR – the chair itself is [...]

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i’m not smarter than a 5th grader and my handwriting isn’t better than a 2nd grader

As I signed Peyton’s agenda, she said, “There’s a boy in my class who thinks your writing is messy.” OOOOF. He’s right. To a 7yo who’s told to work on neatness and staying in the lines it IS messy This little boy wouldn’t understand what an achievement it is to sign that agenda at all. [...]

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i have a plan for @TheBloggess for 2012

I have this friend Jenny. You may know her as the Bloggess. You may also know her as Inmate 856846746, but that’s another story for another day. So, in San Diego at BlogHer11 at the People’s Party (co-hosted by : Velveteen Mind, IzzyMom, Motherbumper and Oh, the Joys!)Jenny was one of the hosts. In past [...]

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an interview with @TerryJaymes and learning I have a face MEANT for radio

So, this guy emailed me and said, “Would you be on my radio show?” I said, “SURE! But I sing for crap, what do you want to hear?” Turns out Terry Jaymes has a show that is actually TALK radio. OH. So, I had my radio interview on 97.3 KIRO F M (for that huuuuuge [...]

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what you get when you tell me to write important stuff

Babble tends to be a site about kids and babies and all thing soft and squishy. So, when they asked me to write there I asked, “Have you lost your mind?” Catherine (the one they send to stroke your hair and talk you into stuff) said, “This will be great! Just like summer camp, but [...]

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i give free kittens!

Don’t punch me,  but I need you to click over to Babble and vote for me with a Facebook “like”. I wouldn’t normally do it, but this is a really good reason. Mominations is your chance to shine a light of recognition on an incredible mom doing good work, and put her in the running [...]

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taking volunteers to be my first passengers

This was my first car. Without the paint job. And rims. And sound system. And backseat. BUT JUST LIKE THAT! (I was so gangsta’) In the past there have been sporty little cars and behemoth SUV’s. Of course, now there is a minivan that I ride in, but can’t drive. Pete was at a store [...]

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i went to #BlogHer11, part 2

I went to San Diego! I had a great hotel view. I saw a bunch of lovely people! There was one hell of a party!(More about that later) After everything was over I got to see a bit of San Diego! And wish a Happy Birthday to one of my best. And then I came [...]

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i went to #BlogHer11, part 1

I spent the last months planning for BlogHer and our party. They’re both finally over. The party is a post all to itself. But I’ll give you a hint: ANTWAY! The conference was in San Diego and it was one of those amazing chances to say THANK YOU to the people that have been such [...]

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how we do things: the money bowls

<– Money Bowl The Mayhew kids went to their loving mother and said, “Mom, we’d like to do extra odd jobs to earn money to save for things like college or annuities.” Mom Mayhew clapped her hands in joy and showered the children in countless dollar bills. They all lived happily ever after. The end. [...]

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