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Win tickets to Callaway Gardens’ Harvest Moon Festival

*I get to give away TWO WEEKEND PASSES to this!* Callaway Gardens + amazing food by a Food Network star+ incredible music from over 20 acts + FREE TICKETS = *POOF* brain explode! I have the chance to make you a Weekend Pass-holders at the Harvest Moon Festival Fri 10/7 – Sun 10/9. Wow, you [...]

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the 5 best decisions of my adult life

My friend Karen tweeted this. Then my other friend Schmutzie wrote this. So I drew this: Not really, but I thought about it. The question was asked: what are the 5 best decisions of my adult life so far? To stay pregnant Bungee-jumping Deciding to write it all Bread bowls Not giving up To stay [...]

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when cocktails aren’t a good thing

When time comes, I will buy Nathaniel a case of beer. I know that regardless of our warnings and the statistics, the truth is our kids will want to learn the drinking truth for themselves. I don’t believe that a “magic” age comes along when kids suddenly become ready for the responsibility that being able [...]

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Invisalign: What Happens When You Miss Appointments

So this was supposed to be a different post.  But it seemed fairly important to share as the parent with Invisalign trays. Before school started Nathaniel got brackets on his teeth to start moving his teeth because of the wicked overbite problem he suffers. But the adhesive didn’t work for whatever reason and we had [...]

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another frustrated photographer

Peyton had a project I helped her do. It was printing a picture for each year to build a timeline of PEYTON. We printed the pictures out.  Peyton as a baby.  Peyton as a toddler.  Peyton with cancer. Peyton just before I had the strokes. The final picture was one of my favorites. One I [...]

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there were strippers in my bathroom…

MADE YOU LOOK!! A co-worker of Pete’s is with his wife as she recovers from two aneurysms.   S is in the life-or-death stages of just fighting to stay alive.  This woman has already beat incredible odds to be here today. I’m proof that as hard as the doctors try, they can be proven very wrong. [...]

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faith and the Holy Dude

I’m sort of having issues with this post. I don’t mean to offend those that feel deeply religions.  But I don’t mean to offend those that are atheist too. Because I belive both have a place in God’s plans. God. That’s the name I grew up with.  Yahweh, Mohammed, Christ, Jesus, Higher Power, Gary.  These [...]

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i’m not really very smart, i just hire REALLY SMART PEOPLE

Before I had the strokes I was about doing as much as I could as often as I could. After I had the strokes I STILL wanted to be able to do it all. But with one working arm, the wheelchair and the unholy love of coffee to deal with, I just knew I couldn’t. [...]

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a lesson taught by three heads

On the floor in front of my fireplace is the spot where neighborhood kids congregate to play. Polly Pocket. Legos. Monopoly. Whatever catches their interest that day. I’m reading something about the race differences in our culture when shouts of laughter grab my attention.  And I look over. And I keep looking. I watch my [...]

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the dream i had

Not everything in my life gets to be funny. I see the humor in so many things and appreciate laughter in every form. But sometime the reality of what happened to me sneaks in and steals my laughter. Leaves fear and tears in it’s wake. I cry out in memory of those moments when I [...]

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first we have naps and then juice and cookies

It isn’t just that my body isn’t what it used to be in terms of size of my thighs, the color of my roots or the direction of my nipples, I am frustrated with what feels like weakness in my basic stamina. It gets on my nerves that I have to sleep every day. I [...]

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the one where i fight like Rocky

I guess it took a reader’s comment to make realize that I’ve sort of veered away from how much of my life still centers around my handicaps. I really do try to walk a fine between finding happiness in who I am now and that constant drive to not be THIS. THIS is in a [...]

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back-to-school with Invisalign

My kids have gone back to school. *ANGELS REJOICE!* This time of year means getting school supplies, clothes and the challenge of being a really thorough Invisalign aligner wearer. So, in preparation for the back-to-school thrill-a-thon, we put together a short list of THING THAT WORK FOR US: Colgate Wisps – little, single-use tooth cleaners.  [...]

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