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if you feel the need to comment

Something that was explained at Bloggy Boot Camp was “how to get more comments“. Now, I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t appreciate when a post resonates with a reader in a way that makes you feel the need to take time out of your busy life and leave a comment. I do. [...]

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October is National Domestic Violence Month and being on the Board at @VUnsilenced

This is a very important month and I’ve written about being a part of the Board of Directors at Babble Voices. *************************** I also wrote at CafeMom about everything in life being learned from Pooh. ******************************* Also, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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so much

So much! Sometimes I feel like there’s so much. Sometimes I FEEL LIKE MAYBE IT’S TOO MUCH. Then somedays I shake it off and tell myself that it’s no more than anyone else would do. But you’re not everyone else. You’re handicapped. Disabled. In a wheelchair.  The voice in my head whispers. Doing it’s best [...]

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I went to #BBCAtl (Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta) and there’s still cupcake icing in my bra

I felt like Michelle Duggar going into a Lamaze class. Granted, I was at Bloggy Boot Camp for a different reason than a lot of the attendees, but I did get the slightest feeling of the WIZENED OLD LADY in the bunch. The old lady who always has a kleenex in her purse. And a [...]

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click here NOW!

Did that actually work? I’m off getting ready to attend Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta as Invisalign’s rep. Yes. You read that right. I will be representing a major corporation at a well-known conference. I should probably put on clean underwear. But while I’m off doing that you can read about another conference I’m going to [...]

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the “in case” letter

A few years ago I wrote a letter to Nathaniel and Rachael apologizing for all the failures they suffered through Peyton’s cancer treatment. It was an important letter because I wanted the kids to know that I was aware of how I’d let them down. But it didn’t mean I loved them any less. So, [...]

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Invisalign: how did we know our kid was ready

Lia brought up one of the greatest arguments surrounding Invisalign for teen: IS THE ADDED COST GOING TO BE WORTH IT? You all probably think that because I’m a part of the Mom’s Advisory Board and Nathaniel got his Invisalign trays complimentary that we opted to get the trays instead of standard braces. Truth of [...]

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you can’t do that

There is a certain “you can’t do that” to my life. It’s been said in the past. Some people believed I could only fail. I’d like to say that I knew right away they were wrong. I could face every challenge. I was positive there was nothing but good times ahead. I’d like to say [...]

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being at @CallawayGardens was a GOOD eye-opening experience

Pete and I went to Callaway Gardens for the Harvest Moon Festival.  I expected to enjoy things they had set up and it’s a gorgeous time of year to be outside in Georgia. It was pretty. We got to see the B-52′s! We ate a brownie. With carrots. and spinach. and orange juice. and flaxseed. [...]

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Callaway Gardens Harvest Moon Festival winner!

So the winning comment was Thank you so much to everyone who entered to win!!

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