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$5 award cards from @Kmart and a $50 gift card you can win!

From 11/27-12/3 you can get a $5 Award Card with any purchase of $50 in-store or on-line. So, that means that if YOU go into the Kmart store between the dates of Nov 27 and Dec 3 and spend at least $50, you get a $5 Award Card. Yeah, cool. Now. For coming to my [...]

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this proves my son is a genius

Sometimes you look at your children with pride and think “I MADE THAT!” Then sometimes your kid does something that makes you wonder if it’s possible they were dropped at birth by the doctor.

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getting away from the computer

“Get away from the computer” I’ll be really honest, the computer used to be one of those things I over-indulged in. Like chocolate. Like bacon. Like shoes. It used to be said as a reminder that I had to keep my priorities straight and always remember what’s important. Now it’s pulling me away from a [...]

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two years ago

“Good night, mama.” My 7yo hugged and kissed me and we went through the rituals of bedtime. “I know what tomorrow is,” she said, with her arms arms still wrapped around my neck. Thinking she was talking about the dentist appointment she had, I said, “Oh yeah?” “Two years ago you had your strokes.” And [...]

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a hole in the wall

As I’m typing these words a man across the room is banging a hole in the wall. It’s the greatest hole in the history of wall holes. This wall hole will be epic. This hole in the wall will become the doorway to the back yard. The old doorway to the back yard isn’t wide [...]

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live to the fullest

I’m thankful I had my strokes when I did. I don’t mean I’m glad I had strokes. And I definitely could have waited years before becoming handicapped. But if I was going to have strokes, I’m glad that I got to have some of the experiences I did FIRST. I got to walk down the [...]

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celebrating Friends and Family with a @Sears contest

If you’re smart you’ve been Christmas shopping all year so there isn’t any last minute rushing to do. If you’re REALLY SMART and that’s true, you won’t tell me about it. I would hate to loose control of my wheelchair and run over you. Guilt makes it hard to enjoy the holidays. Whether or not [...]

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trying to get my eyes fixed

I went to the ophthalmologist’s office expecting to get Botex injections around my eye to combat muscle spasms. That’s not so much what happened. Instead of a quick stab with a needle I got a full eye exam with a bunch of words I didn’t understand. After all the testing and checking and making of [...]

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at least it isn’t half a boob job

I’m off getting Botox. That sounds sooooo glamorous, right? They’re doing it because I have eye spasms. And they’re only doing it on the right eye. That seems horribly unfair. Just because the left side of my face doesn’t move doesn’t mean it doesn’t have stress. I FEEL STRESS. *sigh* So, while I’m getting my [...]

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when my after-school special doesn’t feel so special

It seems funny that I went out to speak on a panel called “Exposed: When Blogging gets Too Personal”, and I REALLY had to think about whether I wanted to write this post. Because it seemed too personal. To read. To write. To admit something that wasn’t anything that my “fault” but STILL kept insanely [...]

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holding down the fort

I’m in L.A. Unfortunately, without Ryan Reynolds’ address. *sigh* I’m out west speaking at a conference called BlogWorld. My last trip for this year. So feel free to look in the medicine cabinet and under the bed. Check out what I wrote at Babble about the “I Am…” project. Ignore that riding crop. I like [...]

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i have the perfect wheelchair cat

We have this cat named “Puppy”. We got him as a kitten from the Humane Society. He’s what you call a “Manx”, or a cat with no tail. He has an attitude, walks like John Wayne and is the perfect cat. When we got Puppy I didn’t know I was going to end up in [...]

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