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rules for meeting me

Whether it’s a conference or a meetup or just a meeting out, there are certain rules when it comes to meeting me. Well… So, let’s get down to what I like to call “Anissa’s Rules of Engagement” I can’t see you when I’m moving or far away – This might be partially fixed by the [...]

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i like pretty pictures

Before I had the strokes I loved to take pictures. I saw THINGS with the  eye of what it would look like in a frame. But at my core, I loved to shoot pictures of people. I would follow people, catch the not-typical photo and capture this GLIMPSE into their soul. I loved pictures. I [...]

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being together

Christmas morning at the nursing home was an experience. I lived in this constant fear of my family leaving and not coming back. There were cards, the kids brought gifts, we tried to celebrate together. I remember the laughing of the kids. I hugged them SO tight. I was very tired, but was afraid to [...]

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like my first time getting my Bliss on #Blissdom

It isn’t the first time I’ve traveled since my strokes. It isn’t my first conference since my wheelchair. It isn’t the first time I’ve gotten up in front of a group of people and let them see my disabilities. It won’t even be my first time at Blissdom. (It WAS my first conference in 2008 [...]

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when mom gets sick

I spent last week wrestling with death. Arm-wrestling, apparently. Pretty sure it would take me part of the time. Praying it JUST WOULD part of the time. But, for better or worse, here I am. Still alive. Not dead yet. And the awesome thing about being handicapped is that I have a live-in named Jackie [...]

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my name is Germy McPlaguerson

The doctor says I should be feeling better any day. I’ve been sick since Sunday. Any day.

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the hills are alive…

I’m getting one of these: Yes. I’m getting a bionic implant that will teach me how to use my “inside voice”. Ok. What part didn’t you believe? I’m getting a bionic implant OR I have an “inside voice? Don’t answer that. But I am getting that. THAT is Oticon Intiga is the new super tiny, [...]

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you can try again to win a $100 GC to @Kmart!

From 12/11-12/17/2011 you can get a $5 Award Card with any purchase of $50 in-store or on-line. Let’s say you didn’t win the last giveaway. You have a second chance! Go to any Kmart store between the dates of Dec 11 and 17, and spend at least $50, and you get a $5 Award Card. [...]

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get a $50 gift card and use @UPS My Choice for the stuff you can’t deliver yourself

I  like to give you stuff. Like, LOVE to give you stuff YOU? Like to get stuff! UPS is actually in the business of making the deliveries of stuff you like to get. This year UPS has gone even further to make getting your stuff more convenient. Now, because I’ll probably explain it wrong and [...]

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My right hand is “Sheila”. My right foot is “Captain” The new motorized wheelchair is “Bertha”. Yes, the kids named my new wheelchair. I’m getting a motorized wheelchair after not wanting one for so long. I’m keeping my manual wheelchair for when I’m in the house. To push myself. Get what exercise I can. I’m [...]

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years we weren’t sure we’d have

Today, Peyton turns 8yo. It’s hard for me to not feel this birthday a little more than the other kids’. Not because I’m not madly in love with them. Because THEIR birthdays don’t come with the lasting relief that hers does. When I celebrate the day of their birth, I’m not reminded of how fragile [...]

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not meeting the goals

We all have times when we feel less than what we should be. We yell at our kids. We fight with our spouse. We pick on our co-workers. We avoid talking to our relatives. We shirk responsibility. We feel sorry for ourselves. We wallow in the pool of pity. We kick the dog. Ok, we [...]

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