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making decisions that are hard

I’m sitting here trying to think of the “right” way to write this. I could write this in a way that would get ME all the support and make Peter look like the enemy. I could write this in a way that makes me look like a victim and make you feel sorry for for [...]

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you can win a pretty from @BlendCreations

It’s fun when I get to take something I find FUN and share it with you. When I get to play on Twitter it’s fun for me because it’s been part of communicating with these people who were important to me. When I was approached by Vivian of Blend Creations to wear one of her [...]

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today’s inspiring lesson

Sometimes when you’re in a wheelchair and handicapped and medically complicated it can start to feel like that is ALL your life is about. I write about my conditions, but I hope you don’t think they DEFINE me. I have to remind myself that just because I’m thankful with life in general that it doesn’t [...]

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my first

He was the first person I ever held in my arms that shared my blood. The girls would come, but HE WAS MY FIRST. The doctor put him on my belly and I can’t even explain what happened. The sun exploded. Time stopped. Everything that WAS changed. It happened two more times. But he was [...]

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sometimes you just want to be shallow

I wrote this post at Babble about teaching your kids to appreciate beauty, whatever form it comes in. I run a site where we constantly preach the lesson of a positive body image. I even make sure to post lots of pictures on Twitter and Facebook about “loving your body”. I believe in that stuff. [...]

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more than beautiful

I wrote a piece at Babble about the importance of teaching my kids to appreciate the things that MAKE you beautiful. Go and read it or a unicorn loses its wings.

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winning at “words with friends”

I wrote at this site every day for a while. Not because I had critically important thing to say, but because my therapists would recommend working my brain. Write, they said. Think, they said. Post, they said. But, do it well. Notice they didn’t say THAT! After I got back in the habit of posting [...]

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words trapped inside

We sat together and made a list. I told her what to write “What IS Great About Being In The Hospital“. I don’t remember the whole thing, but I do remember that one of the things on my list was “gravy”. Bless their hearts. There was gravy on everything. That was the first thing thing [...]

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Are expectations a good thing? Are they an opportunity to rise to a challenge? Are they set so that there is an inevitable failure? Why do some find them empowering and some find themselves buried under a world of frustration? Why is there such a difference between the expectations you have for yourself and that [...]

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Invisalign – can your wallet afford more than one kid?

At Rachael’s last dentist checkup, the dentist said , “You can go for your first orthodontic appointment.” She’s 10yo and still losing teeth and that was a time recommended to US to wait. But we also have this child number two expecting Invisalign in her mouth. Honestly, after seeing the effects + benefits that Nathaniel [...]

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how I got involved with the @StowCompany #OrganizedGive campaign

The Stow Company is a company that produces custom closets. I met Mike Wolf (from the Stow Company) and Molly Gold (from Go Mom) last year at the Type-A-Parent. conference I got to know them better when I asked them to get involved in the Love Drop for a little girl with a brain tumor [...]

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when you have jerky, hairy balls

I have gotten several emails about the eye surgeries I have coming up in Feb. They’re hard to explain, so I thought maybe these pics would help. 1. I’m having surgery to fix the lazy eye. 2. I’m having surgery to remove hairs that lay on my eyeball. 3. I’m having surgery to fix an [...]

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