how I got involved with the @StowCompany #OrganizedGive campaign

The Stow Company is a company that produces custom closets.

I met Mike Wolf (from the Stow Company) and Molly Gold (from Go Mom) last year at the Type-A-Parent. conference

I got to know them better when I asked them to get involved in the Love Drop for a little girl with a brain tumor and they leaped on board with both feet to help her family.

I was so grateful for their big hearts. Their incredible generosity on behalf of this family.

Then in late fall of 2011 they emailed me.

When they told me that they’d picked my family to be the recipient of the Organized Give I was stunned.

It was on the tip of my tongue to argue that there are those in much more need of organization help.

The tip of my tongue shriveled up when I found out that as part of the Organized Give they’ll donate to the charity of my choice.

As a board member of Violence Unsilenced and knowing the phenomenal work done there to give a voice and support to survivors of all kinds of abuse, I HAD to accept a wonderful gift.


So, to explain more about the Stow Company and the Organized Give watch these:

For every person who will “LIKE” their facebook page the Stow Company will donate $1 to Violence Unsilenced. up to $3000 dollars. (ends 2/15 so HURRY!!)(please take the time to click over)

Thank you, Stow Company.

Thank you Mike, Adrienne and everyone at Stow that’s making this happen.

That you, Barbara, the Atlanta ORG designer who designed our handicap-accessible storage options. (oh wait till you SEE what they are going to make happen!!)

Thank you, Molly, for just being you.

Thank you, Mayhew family, for giving me something to fight for.

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