Invisalign – can your wallet afford more than one kid?

At Rachael’s last dentist checkup, the dentist said , “You can go for your first orthodontic appointment.”

She’s 10yo and still losing teeth and that was a time recommended to US to wait.

But we also have this child number two expecting Invisalign in her mouth.

Honestly, after seeing the effects + benefits that Nathaniel has had, I will do my best to see that my other two get aligners.

Sure, we’re blogging our first experience with Invisalign and Nathaniel’s were complimentary because I’m a member of the MAB, but I can say there is enough benefits to make it worth getting these for ALL OUR KIDS out of our own pocket.

The shocker was: generally it about the same price as traditional braces (for us) and we could make the same monthly payments. **Nathaniel’s were a little pricier because HE had to have the brackets applied to his teeth. 

For about the same cost I can’t find a reason to NOT say “YES” when my daughters ask if they are going to get Invisalign too.


While I am paid for my time, my opinion is my own and is never for sale.

You Got that?? MY OPINION IS MY OWN.**

I’m a member of the Mom’s Advisory Board, and my son received complimentary Invisalign treatment.

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