winning at “words with friends”

I wrote at this site every day for a while.

Not because I had critically important thing to say, but because my therapists would recommend working my brain.

Write, they said.

Think, they said.

Post, they said.

But, do it well. Notice they didn’t say THAT!

After I got back in the habit of posting and relatively comfortable sharing the thoughts inside my broken brain, the doctors pushed me to keep working my brain.

“Words With Friends” – a Scrabble-esque Facebook game – became my next hurdle.

There were huge hurdles.

The phone.

The radio.

Being with people who stared.

Words With Friends.

The words started out very basic. I was an opponent’s dream, a sure win for them.

It was almost a physical pain to look at the letters and make a word form THEN transfer from the bottom of the screen to the the appropriate spots.

It was a blow to my pride to know I used to never lose a Scrabble game.

I could barely make the word D-O-G if you spotted me the D and the G.

But I kept playing.

I kept losing.

I started to get more comfortable with the letters.

The point margins got closer.

I don’t remember the game but I remember the feeling the first time I won.

Since then I’m more of a challenge with every game.

I play for fun along with brain strain.

I will keep playing.

Hopefully, WWF becomes less of a brain drain and mere relaxing pastime.

Someday I will win more than I lose.


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2 Responses to winning at “words with friends”

  1. Kevin January 11, 2012 at 8:13 PM #

    Someday, I’LL win more than I lose too. (probably not)

    Kevin´s last post…More Fun with Facebook Ads

  2. Donna January 11, 2012 at 7:54 PM #

    I suck at Words With Friends, and I don’t have the excuse of a broken brain. At least, your wonderful sense of humor did not break.

    Donna´s last post…Rebooting the Routine

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