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don’t you wish your girlfriend drove like me, dontcha!

I am the most awesome wheelchair driver in the history of wheelchair drivers. My family calls me “Galaxy Quest” for good reason. Watch between minutes 2:00 and 3:30.

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on my own

I went to Blissdom. I was with Jackie (my helper) and Julia (my friend with the best curly hair) and my new wheelchair Bertha. My regular wheelchair is a manual chair. Bertha is a powerchair. It was my first conference with Bertha. No idea, but the stirrings of the independence she gives me. We hit [...]

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enter for a chance to win a trip to NYC!

Who Makes You Smile? Enter a photo of the person hereto let know! The grand prize is an all expenses paid trip to NYC for a teeth whitening session with one of our Top Dentists, plus $1,000 in spending money and a professional photo session for you and your guest. We are also giving [...]

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oh, to get my bliss

I feel so tired. I need this weekend away in Nashville at Blissdom. As I’m sure Pete needed last week in Omaha. I need to be an environment where I don’t feel like the floor might drop out any second. I need these friends that will inspire real laughter. I need the love I’ll have [...]

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there can be no neutral

So it inevitably happens. You take the first hit from a friend regarding your split. There’s been been many well meaning yet critical family members. But this was the first time I reached out to have my hand slapped away. It was explained away that they were going to remain neutral and wait til the [...]

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the rubix cube of separation

The choice to not be married came with the decision to be alone. For a lot of people that thought is scary and daunting bur it comes with an extra layer of difficulty for me. Now, don’t mistake me. I’m not thinking about dating anyone. I could care less about some faceless guy. But being [...]

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what’s your plan b?

Before the strokes There are pictures from the days in the hospitals and the first days home. I’m choosing not to post those, but they were less than awesome.  Trust me on that on.It was hard feeling that everyone that knew me was staring in pity. I hated it. I was determined that if they [...]

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hotter than you thought i was

I can’t regulate the temperature on half my body. On my stroke-effected side I don’t have the ability to cool off, so I’ll bust out in a sweat for no reason. On one side. For no reason. When the other side is actually cold. How screwed up is THAT? So yes, I will sweat for [...]

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things you can’t un-say

In the heat of arguing things get said with intent to hurt, to destroy, to mar. Afterwards come the apologies, the explanations. So hurt. Didn’t mean it. Was a mistake. Didn’t stop it from hurting. Doesn’t suddenly make it ok. OH….You didn’t MEAN it. That changes everything. It still devastated. It flayed the the layers [...]

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working together at working together

Peter helped me with my shoes. He pushed me down the road to the neighbor’s house. We took turns talking to the boy and the parent about the situation and our reactions and the resulting outcomes. We presented a united front for the sake of our children. For the well-being of our girls we stopped [...]

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not MY daughters

Brushing your teeth should come with no bigger shock than a weird piece of roast beef stuck between your molars. When you haven’t HAD roast beef. ???? Anywaaaay. I got a bigger shock when my 8yo came to me and told me about a neighborhood boy who had pulled down his pants on the trampoline [...]

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team parents

The fog is lifting. It isn’t gone. It mat never leave. It PROBABLY won’t ever leave. But the fog IS lifting. The lifting of the fog comes with working together for a common goal. it would have been a thousand time easier to have won each battle and just had my way. It would have [...]

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who loves the kids?

Parents in a situation like ours have a ROUGH LIFE. There is no easy way to separate something that was never intended to be separated. We didn’t live our lives with the thought that someday we would have split it up. Parents have an incredibly hard job. Divorcing parents can make a hard job EVEN [...]

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