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i’m getting a tattoo

On the trip I’m planning to Tampa I’ve made time for certain things. The kids have busy schedules to see friends. I’ve got plans to shore up my hug supply. Friday, April 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM at The Rack There are places we can’t wait to go. Things we’re looking forward to doing. People [...]

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Invisalign Teen Celebrities: then my daughter’s head exploded in a shower of glitter

Trying out Invisalign aligners as the mom of a teen wearer has been a different challenge from having them as an adult. As if you need reason besides the nearly invisible appearance and the ability to remove them WHENEVER, Invisalign now has a group of Teen Celebs that are singing their praises. Or I guess texting their praises. [...]

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will I see you in Florida?

During the trip to Florida next week there a ton of people I’d love to see or meet but a limited amount of time. So, to make it super easy for us to get together I’ve planned a meetup in Brandon (near Tampa). Now, you’re definitely invited even if this is the first time I will get [...]

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the break of spring

I’m planning a trip with my kids for spring break. Not our first without their dad, work circumstances made that happen. But this is the fist without my HUSBAND. It’s the first time I’m traveling to the place that used to be OUR home. To see people that were OUR friends. And to feel the [...]

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how you grow your hair out

To grow your hair out you have to go through an AWKWARD STAGE. It’s one of the big reasons I can never grow my hair out. My awkward stage is SO FREAKING AWKWARD! Don’t believe me? If’ and and had a baby, you’d get: I can hear you laughing.

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bacon: the gift that keeps on giving

Any person that says you can’t learn valuable information from the Internet and get real take-away from social media is invited to look at this!  THANK YOU, RON! and I thought you were no more than a pretty head of hair Infographic Design by Killer Infographics You can read how to play Food Bingo  If you want to [...]

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the dog’s obsession

We got a puppy when Buffet had to be put down. Our family has been going through enough changes and rough patches that Peter and I wanted to make this pet transition as easy as possible. This is Dug. Dug is half lag, half sharp-pei. He’s ALL puppy. He goes and plays and runs and [...]

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the words i have

There are certain things I had to learn to do to keep writing. I’ve never been one to be great with imagery. My words were plain and simple. My style is almost stark now. I have to keep the look very minimalistic because my vision can’t handle too much action. Instead of telling you how [...]

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just in pictures

There are certain limits to the things I can do and see. From a hotel room, but never basking in Poseidon’s glory. I have to close my eyes and imagine the feel of the wind in my hair. My soul knows the earth’s whispered secrets are forbidden to me. There are destinations where the word [...]

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it’s still me

I’ve had a bunch of medical stuff going on. Surgeries on my eyes scheduled, still getting things under control. I wish I could say there would ever be a day I was DONE. But this process seems endless. Some things are better. Some things are the same. It’s all still me. I’m trying to raise [...]

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perfectly me

I wonder who I am. Not in that existential WHY ARE WE HERE kind of way. Am I still the person I was? The hot mess of my teen years. The fun-loving party girl from my pre-children days. The struggling, confused young wife with babies. The woman who began to come into her own. The [...]

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which fold?

In a few weeks I go to train to be a peer-to-peer visitor for other brain injury victims. My plan is to just keep going in and out of their room, changing my shirt color each time. I should be great at this. The real reason Jill (my old PT) suggested this program for me [...]

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Invisalign: year one down

We’ve been at this Invisalign thing with Nathaniel for a little over a year. We’ve had the occasional bump in the aligner road. Nathaniel has forgotten his aligners on a food tray and had them thrown away. He forget to get his next set from the orthodontist and his teeth had started to move backwards. [...]

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