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inspire someone

When Peyton was diagnosed with cancer the doctor gave a very important bit of advice. It wasn’t about her diet or meds, it wasn’t what we could do to make chemotherapy go smoother for a child. It was that when the treatment was all complete and we moved on with life – and to have [...]

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How can you WILLFULLY hurt others?

I wrote a post this week about food preferences, race and love. It wasn’t meant to make any point. There wasn’t any great stand to be made. It was just telling you that these were my feelings. They weren’t going to change. Then I read about Dominic Sheahan-Stahl. A man who was invited to be [...]

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sometimes i sleep

Nights like this I should be sleeping. I fell into my covers with lethargy as my pillow. So tired. Dreams should come easy. But as my eyes close, the buzzing of my damaged ears turn into sounds that make my stomach ache. I can hear soft shoes shuffling in a hallway, low buzzing and murmuring [...]

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some of my best friends are people

I’m a 38yo female. Some of my best friends are 38. In fact, my BEST friend iS 38yo. I love a bunch of people who are younger/older than me. I am Asian. Some of my best friends are Asian! (Coincidence, they’re just cool not a cultural thing) I have friends that represent every color and [...]

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to be myself

I’ve shared tips and told you how *I* do thing. I told how we managed to save money by getting two gallons of milk out of one gallon. I showed you how *I* learned to take off lids with one hand. I’ve shown you tools that have helped me along the way, ways I’ve learned [...]

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every challenge is worth it

When you have a handicap life can be difficult. When you are making choices to change the lives of, not only you and your spouse, but the most important people to ever take breath life can be brutal. In one situation the cause is out of your control. All you can hope to do is [...]

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they grow so fast

  How did this happen? They were just babies. I have the proof. They are going to be amazing adults if the outstanding kids they have become is any sign of things to come. Every day I get to spend with them is more precious than the last. *OOOF* my heart

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stealing moments

I have a history of grand larceny. I stupidly shoplifted when I was a teenager. You know, the stealing on chap stick when you have money in your pocket. Let’s not even talk about the early 90′s. I was a walking after-school special. When I was a new mother I learned the horror of lifting the baby out [...]

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it can hurt but make you stronger

Things hurt. My leg. My foot. My arm. My hand. My jaw. My heart. My spirit. My soul. Some pains go away. Some are forever. The scars go deep and last a life-time. Things there are no cure for, you learn to live through. But you do learn to live. You survive. It strengthens you.

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as dave matthews said, crash into me

I have these moments where my world collide. The me that blogs and talks to crowds of people circles the me that wears my pajama pants to the store. The me that plays social media roulette circle the me that once had coffee with other parents of very sick kids. Sometimes the worlds crash headfirst. [...]

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you deserve it

A friend said you can never attain perfect. You shouldn’t even try. Be whole. Be complete. Be in great shape for the shape you’re in. It took a lot of tearing down walls and getting past surface highs to find the deep-down bone happiness. I deserve that. And it’s something I find sharing with my [...]

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the sounds of silence

The shades block the sun from bringing me into full consciousness. I can hear breaths that tell me the day’s insanity hasn’t yet started. I snuggle deeper into the arms of drowsy peace. There are dreams that taunt from the edges of reality. Don’t wake up. Don’t do it. “Mommy? You awake?” DAMN.

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leave a message at the beep

I’m here in Florida with the kids and Jackie. The girls have swam. The boy has seen “Hunger Games” with friends. I got to play a little catch-up with the faces I haven’t seen without the power of the monitors between us. I have learned to love Georgia. The friends I’ve made. The life I’ve [...]

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