as dave matthews said, crash into me

I have these moments where my world collide.

The me that blogs and talks to crowds of people circles the me that wears my pajama pants to the store.

The me that plays social media roulette circle the me that once had coffee with other parents of very sick kids.

Sometimes the worlds crash headfirst.

Social media shares a drink with a parent who lost a child. CRASH!

Uber-liberal blogger is chatting up conservative PTA parent. CRASH!



I loved it!

I don’t know. It may be because everyone was just being nice. If they were, it was great. Keep lying for me!

Mt worlds could not have crashed in better ways.

There were glittery, sparkly pieces left.

I swept all the memories away to take out later and just savor.

You can read about the difference between “I CAN’T” vs “I HAVEN’T, YET”

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