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word flow

When I tried to write my story last time I had this mental picture of what a BOOK was supposed to look like. The more I tried to fit my words into that mold, the harder the words were to find. Maybe it’s evident in my writing, but I’m not a big editor. Even when [...]

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and now i want spareribs

The 10yo officially became an 11yo on Wednesday. I didn’t get to be there. I had expected my eye surgery on Monday to recover enough that I would be able to celebrate my girl’s big day with her. Then add to that: The last day of school. A sleepover to celebrate the 11yo’s big day. [...]

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Invisalign: using common day technology to get messages across

We live in a digital age. My kids will never experience a world where information and entertainment is at their fingertips. One of the biggest steps has been in You Tube. Whether you are are a musician, vlogger, humorist or brand this is the way to connect with you, the viewer. What are you viewing? Stuff like [...]

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i wish i was on a beach somewhere

By the time you’re reading this I’m either having surgery on my left eye for the double vision or I’m recovering from the surgery. Unfortunately, neither option involves Ryan Reynolds. Big thanks to Pete for helping me out with this very nerve-wracking day. Since I’ll be out of commission I’ll replay an old post from [...]

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when you find out your friends are douches

I went to the reading of my friend Jenny’s book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. I’ve gone out of my way to hatch a plan for her anxiety disorder and she comes to Georgia is a total douche. Before you kick me in the esophagus on her behalf, give me a chance to explain. Writing [...]

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i can tell you EXACTLY what you can do

There were many doctors that gave me and my family grim expectations for the future. What I would and wouldn’t be able to do. What not to expect. I wouldn’t dress myself this morning. I wouldn’t help my kids get ready for a day of school. I wouldn’t be making plans for the 10yo’s birthday [...]

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“retarded” is never the right word

I had to have one of the toughest conservations a parent has to have with a child. Not THAT conversation. We had that conversation a long time ago. It involved graphs and diagrams and cookies. My 14yo son wanted to tell me about the funny thing his school buddies did. The story began with, ” [...]

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my mother’s gift

I was too young to fully grasp my loss when I left that hospital alone. I was a beaming 23 when I brought home my first baby. A little older when my first daughter took her wobbly steps. I felt ancient at my youngest’s cancer bedside. Next year I am the mom of a high [...]

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making Mother’s Day a little more

I’ve known a lot of mothers. I’ve been a mother for 14 years. I’ve known mothers who fought a daily battle with emotional, mental or physical disease in their own bodies. I’ve knows mothers who would have gladly fought those battles for their child if they could. I’ve known single mothers who have struggled to [...]

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Invisalign: What First Impression Do You Give?

Maybe you’ve heard the adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Well, old saying are true for a reason. It is stunning to find out how much value a person’s freely given smile can have. For the person giving the smile and the person receiving. I have been a person who [...]

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the dance of sacrifice

When two parents are separating it’s easy to let anger and hurt take priority over the children you share. Normal people, those unhindered by handicaps, have the luxury of furious departures. Something the wheelchair, and the limitations that go with it, have forced upon us is greater compromise. The reasons that we can no longer [...]

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i’m special, didn’t you know?

I went the peer training for survivors of brain injuries. We are learning to help new patients with the changes they are dealing with and give them a caring ear whenever needed. It was a learning experience for me in some respects. I DO live a portion of my life in view of others. I [...]

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