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ok, fine! it was @VidaCantina and they have….

I always want to make sure that everything I say/write is correct. The potted plant I mentioned belongs to the Epicenter (the building rental) and not the Vida Cantina itself. When they heard of my problem and was made aware of the issue it was removed. While I am thrilled that the one very small [...]

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saying “i’m sorry”

Two little words that come with a world of meaning. 1. “I’m sorry” -> Something people say when they genuinely feel remorse for causing a physical, mental or emotional harm to another. It may be accompanied by clothes made of camel hair and rubbing ash on ones self, but that is optional.  (Clothes made of [...]

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when people make me feel crappy

I was on on the screen in Times Square and my top fell off! Not really, but I probably would’ve have been able to deal with that better than what actually happened. In North Carolina at TypeAParent Conference (that I’ll write about later with all the good and wonderful that happened)and I went out to [...]

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when i get irate i WILL stab people

My friend Julia is traveling with me. Julia Roberts. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Julia has shaved my armpits. She has gotten me through airport security. She loaded and unloaded my wheelchair countless times. She’s had to navigate bathrooms and restaurants for handicap accessibility. She’s made umpteen phone calls for [...]

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my gift to twitter #140Conf12

I’m in NYC. I’m sitting in a room, missing a speech that is being giving. I’m at the #140Conf. It’s a conference that has a series of speakers in 10-15 minutes chunks. They talk about the impact that twitter and social media had on them. Whether it was an impact on their website or the [...]

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why there are no parenting geniuses

I love to spend time with my kids. Working from home while parenting isn’t the easiest thing EVER. Parents who work a job outside the home, to come and start their next job understand. Parents whose job comes with no PTO  or weekends understand. When I hear there’s a “war” between the kinds of moms [...]

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come-to-jesus talks

I had what I like to call a come-to-Jesus talk with Nathaniel. 14 is such a rough age. Hormones pulling you in one direction. Family pulling you in another. Friends pulling you in so many ways you feel a little dizzy. It’s so easy to let him slide when I see him making jackass choices. [...]

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i’m tired

I’m tired. I’m pushing myself a little harder than I probably should. I’m organizing the Non-Conference. I’m planning the Come As You Are party. I’m proud to be one of the People’s Choices for BlogHer’s Voices Of The Year. I’m writing my book. I’m planning for trips. I have these three beautiful people that depend [...]

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getting stuck in old days

Part of writing my story is that I have to rip the band-aid off the wound that was the strokes. In all the days since my strokes, the truths I have shared and the little details of recovery that I allowed you to be part of have been pretty blunt. Yet, I have never gone [...]

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