why there are no parenting geniuses

I love to spend time with my kids. Working from home while parenting isn’t the easiest thing EVER.

Parents who work a job outside the home, to come and start their next job understand.

Parents whose job comes with no PTO  or weekends understand.

When I hear there’s a “war” between the kinds of moms out there, I want to scream.

I’ve been all the moms.

I’ve had children while holding a job outside the home. I left my house and brought in an income and took that responsibility seriously. Then came home and took up the reins of running a household. I’ve wrangled with the worry of who was raising my kids.

I’ve had children when I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. I’ve dealt with being with my family full-time and struggled to not run screaming from spending every waking hour with them. I felt guilty for not being perfect and attracting all around to bask in my perfection.

I’ve had children while I worked at home. Trying to walk the line between working in my pajamas and having a job I never leave. Having a job that looks like play to the kids is hard when you say “SHHHH..mommy’s working” and they’re pretty sure you’re just playing on the computer.

Now I’m working from a home that I can never just grab the kids and leave because I can’t drive. They are trapped here as much as I am. I’m lucky for family and friends that will come get the kids,giving them much-needed time to go and play and BE kids.

It doesn’t matter what “kind” of mommy you are.

There will be times your kids do a number on you. You’ll know you should be giving them more. You’ll wish you had done something you didn’t (or vice versa). You’ll feel guilty, bad, angry, frustrated about something.

Be the best mommy YOU can be. Give your kids the best of YOU.

My kids know I love them. They know that I can’t take them for ice cream just because any more. They know I’ll buy ice cream for them and laugh with them as they eat it outside.

My kids know that I nap every day, that I have to get sleep. We make that work.

There’s lots of things that could be said in favor of one mom or another.

But why?


The only absolute you will ever hear me say is that anyone who dares to say THEY know the best way to parent deserves to be kicked in the throat by a donkey.

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2 Responses to why there are no parenting geniuses

  1. Nellie June 27, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

    Love this post and it’s exactly what I needed to hear – thank YOU! I sometimes think that I am incapable of being the Best Mommy I can be to my 5 year old daughter but this post made me realize, so long as I’m giving the best of me, I’m doing my best and that is sometimes enough to get through a rough day.

  2. Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates) June 14, 2012 at 4:01 PM #

    Amen. Too bad we need a bigger herd of donkeys to keep the know-it-alls in check.

    Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates)´s last post…Preaching to the choir

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