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my plan for awesome at #BlogHer12

If NYC suddenly sucks and no one shows up for BlogHer, I’ll probably post a lot. Chances are REALLY slim, but there is a chance. On Wednesday I’ll be packing up, hugging my children, kissing my visiting niece and boarding a plane with Julia. Then? PEOPLE. When we get to NYC I’ll meet the book [...]

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up and down

Some of you may be wondering about the “BIG D” and if things are still tense between Pete and I. WE HAVE THREE CHILDREN. Does that seem like an odd place to that sentence? It just shows our thought process. Before we can make a single argument or decision we have to remember that very [...]

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nervous nellie

I have a lot of things to do when I get to BlogHer and NYC. There’s a party I’ve been working with my events team at Aiming Low to organize. There’s a board member gathering for one of the most important groups I’ve ever been a part of.  Me and a sweet friend will be [...]

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more surgery on my eye

I felt like my eye all screwed up. The ophthalmologist at Emory agreed, and began the never-ending “SAGA OF THE ZOMBIE EYE“. I went to the doc to talk about the eye tremor. The doctor ran some tests, looked at this, poked at that. Dr J ended up doing the initial zombie-eye surgery to take [...]

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losing your mind isn’t as bad as losing your kid

The whole family went to IKEA on Saturday. No, we weren’t on drugs, we had a plan and mission. Since the unfortunate bathroom accident of 2012 we’ve had to make some choices about what we’d like to do in the aftermath. So we went with visions of Allen wrenches and meatballs floating in our imaginations. [...]

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post conference plague

I nearly died. Somewhere between coughing all night and my kids waking me up when I *could* sleep, it was a near homicide. In the wake of of the #140Conf and TypeACon, I suffered the dreaded “post-conference plague”. Before I go any further let me make sure I’m clear that I’m NOT COMPLAINING. Yes, I’m [...]

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sh*tters broke!

It wasn’t full, it broke. It actually broke. Better yet, I was peeing, reached to flush and THEN the bathroom pipes bust. So, there I am, sitting on the toilet, with water shooting behind me, unable to get anyone’s help because they couldn’t hear me over the sound of rushing water. Because the one-leg situation [...]

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INVISALIGN: how i got on the Mom’s Advisory Board

“How did you become part of Mom’s Advisory Board?” I probably get asked a version of that question at every conference, meetup, blogging social event. People want to know what I did to get chosen to represent a company like Invisalign. Truth? I DON’T HAVE A FREAKING CLUE! I didn’t apply for it. I didn’t [...]

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#typeacon takeaway

I had one bad experience. Granted, it was a doozy. But it’s getting better. I think to myself “I’ll link to a few crucial friends”, then 400 links later I have carpel tunnel in the only hand I have left to type with. Then I’m typing with my nose, which doesn’t work because I’m Asian [...]

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