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what i see

Put a piece of Saran Wrap with Vaseline on it over your eyes. I need glasses but my surgeries have caused my prescription to change so much the doctor wants me to wait a few months to get a new pair. Probably wise. Until then though I’ll be looking at world with KY-covered eyes. Who [...]

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a long start to my day

We had a handicap-accessible shower built. I can now take showers by myself. When I want to. Not on anyone else’s schedule. Not asking to bathe myself. Showering by myself is an art. Easy for the  normal. A harsh task for the handicapped. Putting the shower chair in the stall. Knowing where the soap and shampoo is, there [...]

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a month of peyton’s smiles

Childhood Cancer Month. I thought about the many images I could share with you that would break your heart. The moments I snapped on film of a little girl forced to endure a multitude of pains. But that isn’t what I want to do. For us this is a celebration of completing chemo and radiation. Not all [...]

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why i kinda sorta want to poop on IPhone5

First, let me disclaim by saying that I have nothing against Apple products. I own an IPhone3 and I’m writing this post on an Mac. I have an IPad. Now, I got the Mac because of theigh screen resolution that I need with my vision issues. I got the IPad to substitute for the laptop I [...]

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it’s ok to come undone

I had a bit of a breakdown Monday.I came unraveled. Lost my shit. Seriously walked the edge. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. The Non-Conference.  Aiming Low. Surgeries and their recoveries. A disability office that keeps saying I’m not disabled enough. Fears that effects from my strokes seem to be getting worse. The situation with Pete [...]

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always take the phone to the bathroom with you

When I went to NYC to attend BlogHer and my roomies Leila and Robin went to see the Katie Couric while I stayed in the room to get ready. She was the speaker. They didn’t kidnap her and make her talk like a trained monkey.  The bathroom floors were really slippery and I ended up [...]

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Invisalign: making your social footprint the Facebook way

The fact that my mom, my 14yo and I all have Facebook pages mean that the fabric of reality is probably shredding right now. Granted we use it in very different ways and there are things my son already knows that my mom will never bother to get into. Fact is, Facebook is a tool [...]

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