Invisalign: making your social footprint the Facebook way

The fact that my mom, my 14yo and I all have Facebook pages mean that the fabric of reality is probably shredding right now.

Granted we use it in very different ways and there are things my son already knows that my mom will never bother to get into. Fact is, Facebook is a tool to the masses and for any company out there with a message to be heard it’s a fairly simple way to make themselves accessible in a way they’ve never been before.

For customers to share concerns, complaints, successes and share that feedback with pictures or video is a giant step in customer relations.

It is fascinating to watch companies handle this technology with the firm grasp on new media and also watch the ones the ones with good intentions but an out-dated plan of attack.

Invisalign is one of those companies with a group of young, savvy people activating their social media plan.

Part of that?

A Facebook page targeted to issues that parents of teens have when facing the many orthodontic options out there but also the questions and education process of the teens themselves.

My issues

  • prices/insurance coverage
  • responsibility of teen
  • what happens when you lose aligners (he was 13 after all)

My son’s issues

  • pain
  • how invisible is “invisible”
  • do I have to have teeth pulled

You may not even realize how different some of the main thoughts were for us going in to this, but the Facebook page allowed us to some of those answered by actual users.

A Facebook page was using a social media we were already involved in, Invisisalign made it easier to get the answers we all needed.




While I am paid for my time, my opinion is my own and is never for sale.

You Got that?? MY OPINION IS MY OWN.**

I’m a member of the Mom’s Advisory Board, and my son received complimentary Invisalign treatment.

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2 Responses to Invisalign: making your social footprint the Facebook way

  1. Maggie S. September 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM #

    I reeeeeally would like to have my teeth straightened.

    That fb information is a gold mine. I’ve never tried to use sites to get information from other users.

    Maggie S.´s last post…Money Monday

  2. Delfin Joaquin Paris III September 3, 2012 at 11:33 AM #

    I’m a huge fan – I’ve been wearing them for a year. Never had braces either. Just a little adjustment I needed to make.

    Just tell your son to put them in the holder when he’s not using them.

    I’ve broken two different trays. Not a cheap mistake. Ha.

    Delfin Joaquin Paris III´s last post…Being Grateful For Stuff – Let’s Get Fixed

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