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empty house

The house is empty. The kds are in school. Peter’s on a plane. The cat’s outside. The new puppy is passed out. My back is throbbing from a fall I took on Sunday. I was alone. I was enjoying the thrill of ladytime and pretty weak from the pain of a couple months catching up [...]

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Black Friday the way it should be: at home winning a contest from @CountryOutfittr!

Last month I was proud to lead the Aiming Low Event Organizing team in the first Non-Conference. It was a smashing success. We had fabulous attendees, incredible keynotes from JC Little and the Pioneer Woman and the involvement of our sponsors was fun and natural. Throughout the months leading up to the NonCon I worked tightly with Stephanie from Evolved Mommy. Stephanie was [...]

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3 years later

When it hit me what the date was I took a deep breath. 3 years ago I had two stokes that nearly killed me. 3 years and I’m still alive. 3 years since the last time I walked. 3 years since since I picked up my phone  with my right hand. 3 years since I [...]

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friends don’t let friends choose to be douchebiscuits

At the start of my day, whether by sun, bladder, child or alarm, I always take a moment to mentally assess that things are the same as they are when I went to sleep. My leg, my arm, my face, my eyes. With the mental checklist run I swing my legs off the bed. This involves pushing [...]

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THAT person

I’ll always be the cancer person. That’s ok. But that’s part of the reason I stopped writing at Peyton’s site.  I wanted to have more to me than just being known as the mom of a cancer patient. That’s part of the blog name “Free Anissa”. It wasn’t meant to imply that I come cheap. I DO have my [...]

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passionate temper and stubborn

Passionate temper and stubborn. That was how I described the 11yo to herself. I told her they were traits she came by very honestly. I’m muleheaded. I have a fiery temper. I’ve just learned to control them. I’ve found ways to use them.Whether it was writing in a journal or working with a therapist to the point of pain, [...]

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can you teach beauty?

It was so good for the kids to be at the NonCon. Nathaniel got to see his humor appreciated and Peyton made a best friend in Faiqa’s daughter. For Rachael, my very impressionable and observant 11yo daughter it was the chance to see that adults truly valued her for qualities that 6th graders don’t have the maturity to see. The way [...]

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friendship blackmail

“I won’t be your friend anymore!” I heard that shouted through my office window from some girls playing with my 8yo. I didn’t hear what the little girl wanted but I’d heard enough of the fight to know that this child was already used to emotional games to get her way. Part of me said [...]

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