can you teach beauty?

It was so good for the kids to be at the NonCon. Nathaniel got to see his humor appreciated and Peyton made a best friend in Faiqa’s daughter.

For Rachael, my very impressionable and observant 11yo daughter it was the chance to see that adults truly valued her for qualities that 6th graders don’t have the maturity to see.

The way the NonCon was amazing for the bloggers who attended it was amazing for my child to be surrounded by people who understood her love of books, got her obsession with Dr Who, she got to meet and hang out with two people that were on or created the shows she watched.

It wasn’t about meeting famous people.

It was about this child whose soul is too old for her 11yo body realizing that it’s ok to be the unique one. Different.

She isn’t your normal 11yo. Her life has never been normal. She had to deal with a sister that had cancer. Then her mother was in a coma and almost died. She has had to adjust to life with a full-time handicapped parent.

All by 11. 

She’s frustrating. She has a temper of epic portions. She has crazy mood swings.

She isn’t so much hitting puberty as puberty is smacking the crap out of her repeatedly.

She is amazing.

Her arms give the best hugs.

Her smile light up a room.

Her laugh is contagious.

She just needs to be assuered of those things being more important than her looking like everyone else.

She’s beautiful.

I know she looks at me and worries that what happened to me could happen to her. She wouldn’t be pretty anymore.

She needs to understand that she has always been beautiful. She will always be beautiful.

Rachel smiling

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4 Responses to can you teach beauty?

  1. Jamie@SouthMainMuse November 6, 2012 at 3:43 AM #

    I too have an 11 yo daughter. She too is beautiful and so very confident — and on cusp of puberty. I worry how becoming older will affect that confidence. When sex and her sexuality will all get in the mix. I already see it in the way she wants to dress (She surely doesn’t get it from observing me – ha). I worry about their generation. They are just exposed to so much. I need to be like you and focus on her youth and all that is so very positive about her. And how they are stronger than I think. Your daughter is beautiful.

  2. Robin Plemmons November 5, 2012 at 3:45 PM #

    I just love that kid. So full of life. These are important words from her beautiful mother that I’m sure she’ll treasure.

    Robin Plemmons´s last post…pick 4 by lemonswithapea

  3. Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates) November 5, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

    I try to teach my daughter that beauty is as beauty does. Action and attitude frame the beauty inside.

    Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates)´s last post…Coming Clean

  4. Junebug November 5, 2012 at 2:57 PM #

    She is beautiful!!! I enjoyed meeting her. Another reason why non-con was so amazing. She is a lucky girl to have such an open and understanding mother. Puberty is hell!

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