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sometimes i get to wallow in it

I hurt my foot. Worse, I hurt my heart. My paralyzed foot got stuck in the front wheel of my wheelchair. I was stuck in the doorway of the shower. Unable to lower my wheelchair to the floor or I’d have to put the full weight of myself and the chair on a twisted foot. [...]

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i have a multiple personality disorder

People come to this site after talking to me on Twitter of Facebook and sometimes I get emails that say “I thought you’d be funny“. My first blog was about a toddler with cancer, this one is about being in coma, nearly dying, and living in a wheelchair. If that’s not comedic material, I don’t [...]

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me vs. limitations

I’ll be the first person to get on my accessible soapbox and bang on my drum with one hand that limitations are in your own mind. Truthfully, there are limitations you have to deal with every day that are VERY REAL and can put a damper on your positive mindset. Things can get in your way [...]

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swimming in the memories

I did what Facebook does so well. I let myself get swamped with good memories of days gone by. Before responsibilities. Before a family. Before PTA, the strokes, the wheelchair. Did I just compare the PTA to a stroke? Why yes I did.  I did it. I let the sounds and thoughts spin me back [...]

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easy to anger

I have a pretty vicious temper. You might not think it, but several friends from my younger days will tell you about fights I was in because I couldn’t control that temper. As years progressed  I stopped beating the crap out of people and wrote vicious letters to myself about what made me so angry. I developed [...]

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napping is brilliant

When I was in my twenties I went out. A lot. I was up late all night. I slept late every day. My dinner every night was most people’s breakfast. We used to have a joke that we watched the sunrise often, but only before we went to bed. I’ve always been a night owl. [...]

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getting sexy on jesus

I read some things that made me think. I know, I try to keep it at a minimum.  I read a lot of things that are thought-provoking but this came at just the right time. It said that true soulmates fall in love many times, but with each other. Is that why so many marriages [...]

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