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I have a pretty vicious temper. You might not think it, but several friends from my younger days will tell you about fights I was in because I couldn’t control that temper. As years progressed  I stopped beating the crap out of people and wrote vicious letters to myself about what made me so angry. I developed a bad habit of actually mailing the letter to the offenders.

Some letters were so angry I’m surprised the mailbox didn’t dissolve on contact.

Then I had kids, I mellowed, I learned some control.

I still have the temper, it’s just on a leash now.

Some people thrive on anger. It’s not good but it can drive them to achieve amazing things.

I’m very much the opposite. If I allow my anger to overtake the rational it eats all my time and I’m drained by the emptiness of needless rage.

So I block it.

I no longer do the things that put me in situations where I’m going to have to be with the sources of my anger. I avoid the thing I KNOW will make me unhappy when there are so many glorious thing and people in which to partake.

And I thrive. Against the words and actions of those that believed me unfit. Regardless of what they said about me I’ve made a small impact in my little corner of the world.

Yes, I still have a terrible temper. I’m quick to anger. I’ve learned that if it’s not something I can change, I’m also quick let it go.

The anger I hold inside me is as damaging as the pain that caused it.

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3 Responses to easy to anger

  1. Alexandra December 27, 2012 at 5:28 PM #

    Anger. Anger can eat you up. It’s taken so much for me to learn that.

    Alexandra´s last post…Jobs are Good

  2. Jamie@SouthMainMuse December 7, 2012 at 2:22 AM #

    One of my children has a raging temper. I found someone for him to talk to about learning how to control it. They call it his “volcano”. The key is to identify when the volcano is going to erupt. Funny thing is, he is my most sensitive, sweet child. I’ve always thought his anger was do to his sensitivity about things he can’t control. Like the fact he is adopted. Or that he has trouble in school. He is such a precious thing. (But a precious thing that can make me so very mad.)

    Jamie@SouthMainMuse´s last post…Me Naked. As a Woman of a Certain Age.

  3. DefendUSA December 6, 2012 at 5:11 PM #

    Anger…not like guilt which is the gift that keeps on giving. I have a temper. I have said to my kids that I hate to yell. But sometimes despite my will, I blow like a volcano. And like you, I am drained.
    I make another promise to myself…not to blow. Oy.

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