me vs. limitations

I’ll be the first person to get on my accessible soapbox and bang on my drum with one hand that limitations are in your own mind.

Truthfully, there are limitations you have to deal with every day that are VERY REAL and can put a damper on your positive mindset.

Things can get in your way to believing in yourself.

Finances. Relatives. Jobs. Children. Responsibilities. Aging parents. A wheelchair.

For me, the fact that I would like to go on a particular trip but the reality is if I can’t find the right person to go with me I can’t go at all. I look at the van I’ll never drive again and think of the days of  being able to just load my kids up and go to the store. The 9yo had a sleepover this weekend, she and her friend passed out in front of a movie with a chair angled towards the couch as they could be side-by-side.

But when it was late, the tv off, little girls snoring in the living room I had no way in to bring them the blankets they so badly needed. All my ways were blocked and everyone else was still gone at a movie.

I sat in the hallway with a lap full of blanket, wondering how I could make an impossible thing happen. I finally came up with a plan and it wasn’t very good but it WAS a plan.

I gave the blanket a heaving toss at Peyton’s friend sleeping on the couch and she ended up mostly covered. I only had one shot. That was as good as it would get.

I took a moment to be very pissed at my own limitation that made a blanket stand in my way. A wall of frustration to be scaled.

On it’s heels came a satisfaction that there was a blanket on her. I did that. No, it might not be all straight and tucked in the way I’d like but I solved the problem the only way I could. I took small pride in that.

Not kicking the crap out of my limitations but definitely giving them a sound kick.

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2 Responses to me vs. limitations

  1. Alexandra December 27, 2012 at 5:25 PM #

    You make me cry, in a way no words can explain.

    It’s your ferocity in getting the GD job done, that does me in every time I come here.

    You are amazing.

    Alexandra´s last post…Jobs are Good

  2. Kristin December 17, 2012 at 1:23 AM #

    I won’t say the I word (you know, the one that had you handing out stickers at BlogHer) but I will say that you kick some serious ass, lady!

    Kristin´s last post…In 24 hours

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