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i wear my sunglasses at night and other babbling

Did you read it? This is one of the costs. 

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the rising cost of travel

It costs a lot the go to the blogging conferences. There used to be just a couple. Now there’s at least one “biggie” a month. Then you factor in flight, hotel, registration, food and all the extras one spends at a conference. Now multiply that times two. That what it costs for me to go [...]

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Invisalign: the final post

It’s been a learning journey. I’d like to say it’s all been easy but, like most things with teenagers, it wasn’t.  Invisalign has had its benefits and we would definitely do it again. Seeing as how we have two more kids we WILLL do aligners again. When we first went into treatment the biggest of our worries were Nathanie’s overbite. We didn’t have to [...]

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he made us a family

Our son Nathaniel turns 15 tomorrow. Sunday at a pre-birthday dinner with grandma Peter and I told the story about the day before my delivery. The nerves, excitement, my sheer enormity, THE NINTENDO my husband took to labor and delivery. We went on and on, “fifteen years ago today….”, talking about the birth, how much [...]

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Complaining about hugs is like throat-punching a Care Bear

I love hugs. Let me make that clear. This is in no way a request to STOP giving me a hug. There are so many different kind of hugs. The hug between friends when your soul say “YES, THIS PERSON!” Hugging your family and feeling tingles from the love made stronger with each touch. The hug between [...]

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After my rant-y post about toilet stalls I heard the word “APPRECIATE” a lot. I hope you do I hope you appreciate the life you are given, the time with faces you love and the body that can allow you to read this, however you might be reading it. Cause, THIS wasn’t the way I [...]

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WARNING: rant alert about bathrooms

If I had  a nickel for every time I saw this setup in a “handicap bathroom stall” I’d put them all in a sock and beat the designer unconscious. I’d wager that the person that came up with this idea wasn’t handicapped. They were looking for the cheapest, simplest ways to meet the needed requirements. This led to an [...]

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a nap at the beach

I took a nap on Sunday. Nothing new. I take a nap almost every day since I had my strokes. YES, I WAS TOLD BY MY DOCTOR TO TAKE NAPS.  BE JEALOUS! I slept hard and long. Hours longer than my nap would normally last. My naps are usually dreamless but not this one. I dreamed of [...]

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raw on the internet

When I write on the Internet I always give a piece of myself. I like to think everyone who blogs understands that feeling of baring their soul and letting everyone watch. Becoming the center on your own voyeuristic, emotional peep show. But some posts more than others leave me feeling raw, exposed. After I push [...]

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my clothes and the internet

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do i love you more?

Nathaniel was born in 1998. Rachael came in 2001. Peyton arrived in 2003. As my friend Robin likes to say, I made humans with my genitals. As an adopted child with no way of finding the birth parents I felt profoundly moved the first time I held someone related to me by shared blood. Nathaniel [...]

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a full year

This is the time to reflect on the things gone wrong and the plans for future better. This past year has it’s share of remarkable highs and excruciating lows. In all honesty, often the reason for the high was also the cause of the low. I did my share or turning 2012 round and round in my [...]

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