Complaining about hugs is like throat-punching a Care Bear

I love hugs. Let me make that clear. This is in no way a request to STOP giving me a hug.

There are so many different kind of hugs.

The hug between friends when your soul say “YES, THIS PERSON!”

Hugging your family and feeling tingles from the love made stronger with each touch.

The hug between a man and a woman when he accidentally brushes her breast and they both pull away awkwardly while a trillion thoughts flood their racing minds. Their gazes meet and at the same time he say, “Can I take you to dinner?” and she whispers, “I have vaginal gangrene.”

Ahhh, hugging is fun!

But I also wear glasses which means I spend a lot of time cleaning marks and makeup and hair products off my lenses.

Why? You might ask.

Well, it’s just because I’m so much shorter than other people and they lean down to hug me and instead of being the same height where I can turn my head, I do end up with everything in my face.

Also? My wheelchair makes YOU a flasher!

It’s the logistics of height.





<<— Two people about the same height –>>



<<– Two people where one person is significantly shorter –> 











There I am.

Someone’s bending over to hug me.

Be careful because you’re giving the people behind you a thrill.

ps….No Care Bears were harmed in the writing of this post. 

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2 Responses to Complaining about hugs is like throat-punching a Care Bear

  1. Dana January 21, 2013 at 11:45 AM #

    HAHA I LOVE your posts….you are so right!! There is a wonderful sweet guy in our church that is always greeting us first thing when we arrive, I told my hubs once I would love to give that man a hug…he laughed and said I should do it on a day that I wear a turtle neck =0( however I never thought about the bum…..

    Dana´s last post…I Tweeted in Church

  2. meghann @ midgetinvasion January 21, 2013 at 12:57 AM #

    Well, there is the time I awkwardly tried to high five you, instead. I did get sucked into a hug in the end, though.

    meghann @ midgetinvasion´s last post…Dried Lava to Sparkles

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