Invisalign: the final post

It’s been a learning journey.

An older shot but you can really see the teeth!

An older shot before but you can really see the teeth!

I’d like to say it’s all been easy but, like most things with teenagers, it wasn’t.  Invisalign has had its benefits and we would definitely do it again.

Seeing as how we have two more kids we WILLL do aligners again.

When we first went into treatment the biggest of our worries were Nathanie’s overbite. We didn’t have to worry about massively crooked teeth but orthodontists had suggested with traditional braces there would be teeth pulled and nightly headgear. He wasn’t looking forward to short-term pain and I wasn’t jumping for joy about the idea of long-term headgear.

I know we both dreaded this.

Our son’s bite was corrected with carefully placed bands and constant wear of his Invisalign aligners. That was truly one of the greatest things about going with Invisalign. Besides Nathaniel being able to eat whatever he wanted!

We’ve been through finding some real amazing benefits of aligners, battles that come with age and responsibility but at the end we  have….

His AFTER picture with the smile sure to break hearts

His AFTER picture with the smile sure to break hearts

We have enjoyed taking you with us on this trip. Genuinely good and could have been better experiences. It will have been a few years of my blogging experience but Invisalign has given my son a gift for a lifetime.


While I am paid for my time, my opinion is my own and is never for sale.

You Got that?? MY OPINION IS MY OWN.**

I’m a member of the Mom’s Advisory Board, and my son received complimentary Invisalign treatment.

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  1. Brian February 21, 2013 at 9:51 PM #

    It’s great that he was able to see such great results with Invisalign. I needed braces as a kid for a fairly significant overbite but didn’t get them because I played the trumpet. I was too nerdy for braces, lol. It was slightly before Invisalgn came around.

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