the rising cost of travel

It costs a lot the go to the blogging conferences.

There used to be just a couple. Now there’s at least one “biggie” a month. Then you factor in flight, hotel, registration, food and all the extras one spends at a conference.

Now multiply that times two.

That what it costs for me to go an event.

Granted, i don’t pay two hotel rooms because my “helper” will stay with me. However, if the helper comes from out-of-town it costs an extra flight.

I’ll be very honest. There are offers to speak at venues and I’d love to go but they won’t cover the costs of both people and I won’t pay to attend these conferences.

It sucks.

The disability that gives me so many topics to talk about is the same handicap that keeps me from being able to go.

DO YOU HEAR THAT?  <– that’s what I’ll type when it quits sucking.

I’ll take it as a good thing. This gives me more time with my family and time to work on my book.

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One Response to the rising cost of travel

  1. Katie January 31, 2013 at 2:49 PM #

    It’s crazy how expensive it is and doubling that cost makes me shudder on your behalf.

    It’s sucks how much money ruins things (like me not seeing you!) Too many conferences, not enough banks to rob.

    But I’m glad it gives you family time and writing space. Cannot wait to read your book.


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