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you can count on me and @shotatlife #vaximpact

The impact of vaccines on the lives of children around the world is incredible. Now, you can help sustain the impact by sending an email to your member of congress. Welcome your members to the 113th Congress and ask them to make sure that global health and vaccines are a priority in the new Congress. Take [...]

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take me to dinner first

It’s a good thing I’m ok with getting felt up in public in public because the security check I have to go through with TSA is borderline second base. With the normal removing of shoes, bags and pocket fodder, I have to go through a special pat-down because of the wheelchair and my inability to [...]

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traveling with @RobinPlemmons

Robin and I have traveled together several times. Each trip has been it’s own voyage of hilarity. We have moments that can only be described as bizarre perfection. In In New Orleans I couldn’t find my phone so Robin called it. It had slipped out of my bra where I kept it hidden and I’d forgotten I’d set my ringtone for her calls [...]

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the difference between a UN Social Good Fellow and @ShotatLife Champion was finally explained to me

So yeah. I didn’t quite get how I didn’t get the difference until someone asked what the difference was and I realized how stupid I sounded trying to explain something I really didn’t understand. So, second time, I thought I had a better answer if the question came up again and NOPE….stupid again. I finally [...]

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getting my Huffington on

I’m may be on a plane to DC to be part of the UN Foundation Shot@Life Social Good Fellowship or in a hotel just blocks from the White House. . If you’re on Twitter you can follow @ShotAtLife and #VaxImpact. Why am I going to DC? This. THIS is why. My post will be up [...]

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my kids are magical

You’ve seen my son’s best magic trick. Now you get to see Peyton’s. I gave birth to Siegfried and frikking Roy.

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