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circle of frustration

I feel frustration at the fact I can’t do the simple tasks my family needs from me because my disabilities, the part of me that is still sad at the change in my appearance when I should be grateful for life, the expectations of others. The kids are frustrated by the differences in their lives from the [...]

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please plugt me in

I push a button and everything syncs. My music, my photos, everything goes where it;’s supposed to go and if it doesn’t it can be moved there. Sometimes it’s even easier and my device connect wirelessly and syne to some mysteriously cloud in the sky. It gets very Matrix-y. I want to plug my life in. I [...]

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even though it’s not november

It would be easy to be angry. This wasn’t the life I expected to have. I didn’t expect to face my uncertain future in a wheelchair with a stroke-effected appearance and a prison of my own body. It would be SO easy to be angry. I work hard to stay thankful. In spite of my [...]

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judge not lest ye be judged

We’ll pretend you’re not judging!!

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a day I remember

For those of you that might not know, in 2006 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. In 2008 she was a part of an event called “Fashion Funds The Cure” that benefits the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. It’s a fashion show that highlights some gorgeous girls that are currently going through treatment, celebrates the survivors [...]

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the view from up here

When I learned to let go of the safety grab bar by the toilet so I could pull down my clothes I felt a supreme satisfaction. It was a mental battle to put faith in something I couldn’t feel. I trusted my leg to hold me up and learned to rely on the familiar routine [...]

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The ridiculously long tale of breaking my wrist and the hijinks after

This is a horrifically long vlog. It’s like “Braveheart” long. But, there’s a lot to tell.  

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