circle of frustration

I feel frustration at the fact I can’t do the simple tasks my family needs from me because my disabilities, the part of me that is still sad at the change in my appearance when I should be grateful for life, the expectations of others.

The kids are frustrated by the differences in their lives from the lives of their friends, things they have been forced to accept as a new standard, each other as siblings.

Pete’s frustration has come out as goals limited by so many unforeseen forces, uncertainty regarding choices made, the incredible burden he bears.

The circle of frustration.

We’re like the circle of life but with more….



The frustration is there.

None of us has the time or chance to wallow in it. We still have lives.

Amazing, that.

Yeah! It isn’t the life you have or the life most would want but we have it. We make it work.

Friends help us when we need it. We have learned to talk about issues and share the weight of the burden,

The kids are still siblings no matter what. 

We exist in our circle of frustration. We exist outside of it before it takes over us.

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One Response to circle of frustration

  1. Megan March 31, 2013 at 5:23 PM #

    Anissa, I always find it strange that as people, and especially women, we are always told to be grateful that things aren’t “worse”. But darlin’- your pain is still real and you deserve to feel it! Like you said before, you aren’t letting it rule your life, but you are still entitled to feel it. You are well within your rights to just have a day sometimes where you can freely say that it just sucks! Doesn’t mean you are weak- just human! Hugs to you! You are truly inspiring :)

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